Upcoming Events

• May 14, Meeting/Social, Bill Pearce BMW 6pm

• May 16, Virginia City

• Jun 11,  Meeting/Social, Bill Pearce BMW 6pm

• July 9,  Meeting/Social, Bill Pearce BMW 6pm

• July 12,  2nd Annual Sierra Chapter Picnic

• Aug 8th, Sierra Buttes Tour & Poker Run

• Aug 13,  Meeting/Social, Bill Pearce BMW 6pm

Sierra Scene

January-March 2015 Issue

From the President’s Desk

From the President’s Desk

From the President’s Desk;

I hope this newsletter finds all our members enjoying a happy 2015 so far. We have some new and exciting events this year. We hope that you will check some of them out and join in on the fun. We have some new board members who have joined us for the next two years. Ron Nicasio has taken over as Vice President, replacing John English. Carol Villar will now be doing the newsletter since John and Alice Strom are taking off for Europe for six months. James Russell is our new secretary, replacing Dody Gustafson, who has been our loyal secretary almost since the club started. I have decided remain as president for another two years, and am looking forward to it. Our membership has been growing by leaps and bounds the last few years, and I believe it will keep growing with BMW coming out with more exciting models and will draw more members to our club.

This newsletter will be the first ever eNewsletter for our chapter. We know that there still are a few members who don’t have email addresses so they will still receive mailed copies. The good news is that we now have a newsletter in living color and it will not be limited by four black and white pages. I know that Carol Villar is thrilled to put this all together for the members. Since she is still our webmaster, her new position fits perfectly. We hope you enjoy the new format. Please give us some feedback, positive or negative.

Ron Nicasio and I attended the BMWCCA Congress in Dallas March 13 thru 15. The National BMWCCA has come up with some very interesting projects. I have summarized below what we can look forward to:

• BMWCCA Recognition Program to recognize individual club members, chapters, and members of the Industry for outstanding achievements and exceptional dedication.

• The BMWCCA Foundation is requesting Ambassadors from most of the chapters to educate the community and associated industries. Click here for more information on the Ambassador program.

• Jeff Cowan of the Golden Gate chapter presented ways to engage more chapter members. He mentioned their websites, Facebook page and email blasts to keep in touch with all 3700 members. Click here to view his presentation.

 We got off to a slow start this year for events. Our Ski Day in February had to be cancelled due to lack of snow. Gilson Autobody had to postpone both Tech Sessions in March and April due to the sale of their company. The good news is the Virginia City Tour is happening on May 16th so if you haven’t attended this event before, please give it a try. It’s a great ride to Lake Tahoe and then on to Virginia City for Lunch.

Happy motoring,

Pat McGoff

Alice & John Strom 2013

Alice & John Strom's Discover Europe 2015 Blog

If you'd like to follow us as we "Discover" Europe from May-October 2015, check out our travel blog at:


We invite your comments!

Alice & John Strom


Upcoming Events...

Virginia City Drive

Virginia City Drive

WHEN: Saturday, May 16th, 2015 @ 9:30 AM,
Meet @ Starbucks/Raleys Parking Lot on (Mt. Rose Hwy/Wedge Pkwy)

We'll depart at around 9:45 on Mt. Rose Hwy (431) and stop at the Lake for a Kodak moment (15 minute stop), then continue through Incline Village (28) with a stop at Starbucks at around 10:30am (15-20 min stop, depending on how many want mochas and frappuccinos...) and pick up more members, and then continue south on 28 along Lake Tahoe to Carson City (50) to catch the Six Mile Canyon Road, left on Main Street in Virginia City, ETA – 12:15-12:30. Some folks may want to park on the lower side streets depending on the space available in parking lot. (Click here for the mapped Route)

We'll have lunch at The Palace on 54 SC, Virginia City, 775-847-4441, What was for lunch? Click here for a menu. Then feel free to look around VC before heading back home…

I WANT TO GO! Club Members can accept the emailed invitation will reserve your spot! Or email us
For further information John English

Virginia City is an experience going back 150 years. Let your adventure begin with a step back in time. The 19th century mining boom turned Virginia City into the most important settlement between Denver and San Francisco; and grubby prospectors into instant millionaires. They built mansions, imported furniture and fashions from Europe and the Orient, and helped finance the Civil War... and then went on to build empires around the world. The finest example being San Francisco. Click here for information about Virginia City.


Second Annual BMWCCA Sierra Chapter Family Picnic!

Second Annual BMWCCA Sierra Chapter Family Picnic!

WHEN: Sunday, July 12th, 2015, the fun begins at 11:00 am  (we have park until 9:00 pm), 
Bowers Mansion, Washoe Pagoda (shaded)

 Please join the Sierra Chapter for a fun filled afternoon in the company of other BMW fans in a beautiful, historic park with plenty of lawn space. A gorgeous drive South of town with tours available through the historic Bowers Mansion (small fee), and a public pool (fee required).

There will be games for both children & adults alike.

Food (burgers, hot dogs, buns, and water) provided.  Please bring your choice of beverage in a cooler (as no refrigeration provided), and a dish to share. Once you accept an e-vite will be sent to sign up for the dish.

BYOB Alcoholic beverages are welcome, but please be responsible.

GAMES:  Horse shoes, 3- legged races, Assassin, and more!

I WANT TO GO! Club Members can accept the emailed invitation as we will be sending the an “E-VITE” with all the picnic details to those that will be attending! Or email us

For additional information, please contact Pat McGoff or Sharon Andrade Goodrich

About Bowers Mansion

The Bowers Mansion was built in 1863 by Lemuel "Sandy" Bowers and his wife, Eilley, and is the finest example of the homes built in Nevada by the new millionaires of the Comstock mining boom. The land originally was purchased in 1856 by Eilley and her first husband Alex Cowan, who returned to Utah a year later with other Mormon settlers. Eilley secured a divorce and moved to Gold Canyon where she ran a boarding house and later acquired the mining claim which, together with that belonging to her second husband Sandy, became the source of their fortune. The mansion was the fulfillment of Eilley's dreams of prestige and respectability. The mansion, designed by J. Neeley Johnson, a builder and ex-governor of California, combined Georgian and Italianate architectural styles. It was modeled after a design conceived by Eilley based on her recollection of elegant buildings in her native Scotland. Indeed, the Bowers employed stonecutters from Scotland for the construction of their new home, which eventually cost $400,000 to build, an exorbitant sum in the 1860s. Eilley and Sandy toured Europe from 1861 to 1863, purchasing furniture, statuary, painting and other adornments for their home.

Following the death of Sandy Bowers in 1868, Eilley fell on hard financial times and finally lost her precious home to foreclosure. The mansion was abandoned by the time Henry Riter acquired it and operated it as a resort until 1946. The building is currently owned and operated by the Washoe County Parks Department. Some 500 Nevada families have donated period furniture housed in the mansion. The park blends the historical site with recreational facilities such as a spring-fed swimming pool, picnic areas, and a playground. Tours of the mansion are given in summer and autumn.

Information about Bowers Mansion was taken from http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/nevada/bow.htm


Sierra Buttes Tour & Poker Run

Sierra Buttes Tour & Poker Run

WHEN: Saturday, August 8th, 2015 @ 8:40am, 
Meet @ Starbucks/Raleys Parking Lot on (Mt. Rose Hwy/Wedge Pkwy)

Days Events:

9:00am - Starbucks/Raleys Parking Lot, 1st poker card draw (A) Head-up Mt Rose Hwy (NV-431) over the summit, right on NV/CA-28 (B) past Kings Beach .  Turn right on CA-267 (N Shore Road) (C) towards Truckee, CA for approx 10.3 miles.  Turn Left on Brockway Road through roundabouts for approx. 1.0 mile to Truckee River Regional Park (D) for potty break and 2nd poker card draw.

10:00am - Leave TRR Park turning right on Brockway road, turns to Bridge St.  Right on Donner Pass Road until roundabout on CA-89.  Travel approx. 23 miles to Sierraville (E) and then left on CA-49, stop at highway turnout immediately after Sierraville (F) for pictures and 3rd poker card. Continue 4.7 miles past Sattley (G).  Continue, this is the fun part! - 12.6 miles of dangerous curves, to Bassets (gas station/small store and highway maintenance station). Will draw the 4th poker card at Bassets parking lot (H).

11:00am - Leave Bassets turning onto Gold Lake Hwy (CR-S620), travel approx. 7.6 miles to Gold Lake (I) for pictures then continue for 15.4 miles to CA-89, entering Graeagle (J).  Turn left on CA-89 for approx. 1.7 miles to Graeagle-Johnsville Road.  Travel approx. 1.6 miles to Poplar Valley Road, turn right and travel straight to Plumas Pines Golf Course/ Longboards Bar and Grill (K) for lunch! …and final poker card draw and prize award!). Lunch will be The Bluff with glorious views and delicious food.

1:30pm - Leave Longboards and return back to CA-89 heading north through Graeagle for approx. 1 mile to CA-70. Head east on CA-70 towards Portola, CA (L), approx. 9 miles.  Leave Portola heading east on CA-70 towards US-395, South on US-395 to Reno, 49 miles (M). Estimated arrival time in Reno 2:30pm (Click here for the mapped Route)

I WANT TO GO! Club Members can accept the emailed invitation will reserve your spot! Or email us. For further information contact Sharon Goodrich

The craggy peaks, waterfalls, and rivers of the Sierra Buttes are a spectacular site, especially in the winter and spring when adorned with a tapestry of snow. Glacially formed lakes add to the unique beauty of the landscape and offer recreation in its most luxuriously primitive form.

Click here to read more about Sierra Buttes.



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Member-at-Large Mike Dietel | 775-338-2183 | mhdietel@gmail.com
Membership Sharon Goodrich | 775-849-3420 | sageranch@charter.net
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Webmaster Carol Villar | 775-525-0509 | webmaster@sierrabmwcarclub.org


Other Events

• Sep 10,  Meeting/Social, Bill Pearce BMW 6pm

• Sep 19-20 Wine Tour, El Dorado/Amador

• Oct 3, Street Survival, Sky Tavern

• Oct 8,  Meeting/Social, Bill Pearce BMW 6pm

• Nov 12, Meeting/Social, Bill Pearce BMW 6pm

• Dec 10, Holiday Party

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