May 9, 2019

Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
9 May 2019 @ Pearce Motors


We are getting into BMW driving weather. So go out and enjoy your BMW. Our annual Virginia City drive is happening on May 11th, departing at 9:00 AM from the Mt Rose Raley’s.

I checked out the drive to Berlin. The date will be. June 29th. The times still need to be verified. We will meet and depart from Fallon. Then we will stop for an early lunch at Middlegate. Then we will head to Berlin State Park after lunch. They have tours of the Ichthyosaur Fossil Shelter at 2:00 PM. There are also tours of the mine. Let me know and I will make reservations. There will be a fee for the mine tours.

Registration opens for BMWCCA’s 50th Anniversary.on May 8th. It will be held at the club headquarters and BMW factory in South Carolina October 14 to 19. I have to go since I was at the first one in Concord Massachusetts Russ is working on a tour of Intreped Motors (support and repair race cars) in June. Details to follow.

Mart Jaama


  1. New Members & Membership Update
  2. Future Upcoming Events for 2019
    1. Virginia City Tour
    2. Berlin State Park
    3. Nevada City
  3. BMW Briefs
  4. BMW Trivia
  5. Q&A?
  6. Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant, 13901 S Virginia St, Reno (click here for menu)


There were 28 club members present. President Mart Jaama presided over the meeting.

  1. MEMBERSHIP. Fred Watson reported the club gained 4 new members and 15 renewals since the first of the year for a total of 165 members. There were 3 new members present at the meeting.
    1. The Virginia City drive will be held on May 11th.  John English will again lead the tour. Lunch will be at the Palace in Virginia City at 12:30.
    2. Russ Huntoon has arranged for a “coffee and cars” event on June 22nd at Intrepid Motors on Linda Way in Sparks.
    3. The Berlin Ghost Town tour will be on June 29th. Mart Jaama will lead with plans for the group to meet in Fallon with a lunch stop at Middlegate. Check the club website for details.
    4. The Nevada City tour is calendared for July 20th. Details and information are posted on the club web site. Cost will be $24.00 per person for lunch.
    5. The annual Wine Tour will be on October 26th.
  3. BMW BRIEFS. Pat McGoff presented the briefs.
    1. BMW plans for electric vehicles in the near future. Details are in the December, 2018 issue of Roundel and at
    2. BMW and Mercedes are jointly investing over one billion dollars on autonomous driving technology. More information is available on
    3. BMW plans to discontinue the V-12 engine in 2023 due to lack of demand are uncertain.  Presently V12 production is at maximum capacity with Middle Eastern and Chinese demand largely driving sales. Details about the engine are on the
    4. BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen are accused of emissions tech collusion and are being investigated by European Union regulators. BMW is setting aside over a billion dollars to pay possible fines but will offer strong rebuttals to the allegations. View the article on
    5. The February, 2019 Roundel reported BMW is working with the German Federation to develop a two person bobsled. BMW developed the carbon-fiber bobsled used by the USA team in the 2014 Olympics.
    6. BMW has fitted a million 3D-printed parts and has been using this manufacturing technique for over a decade. BMW is considering building an engine plant in South Carolina. Currently all engines used at the Spartanburg plant are built in Europe. View the article on
    7. A 1934 BMW KR6 race car has been found and restored. What made the car unique was a supercharged in-line six cylinder engine mounted behind the front axle. The car was originally built for racing driver Eugen Stosser. Pictures of the car can be seen on website.
    QUESTION: Who was Robert S. Mehrman who passed away in February, 2019?
    ANSWER:  He was BMW CCA member #1 and a founding member of the club.QUESTION: What BMW vehicle will arrive in 2021 and form the basis of the pilot fleet of self driving cars offering Level 4 and even Level 5 capability?
    ANSWER:  the iNext.
  5. DINNER. After the meeting many members joined for dinner at Miguel’s in The Summit shopping center.

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