August 9, 2018

Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
9 August 2018 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members & Membership Update
  2. Upcoming Events
    1. August 12, Fifth Annual BMWCCA Sierra Chapter Picnic
    2. Sept 21-24, BMW CCA Pazifik Eskapade
    3. Oct 13-14, El Dorado & Amador County Wine Tour
  3. BMW Briefs
  4. BMW Trivia
  5. Q&A?
  6. Dinner @ Famous Dave’s (4925 Kietzke Lane) (click here for menu)

Ron Nicasio, President, presided over meeting.

27 in Attendance

  1. MEMBERSHIP: The President reported 3 new members and 5 members renewing for a club membership total of 177.
    1. Club picnic to be held on August 12 at Arrowcreek. Pat McGoff reported 30 members signed up. The “concours” would be limited to engines according to Mart Jaama so not necessary to wax and buff cars.
    2. Annual wine tour will go on October 13-14. De Sharp said 18 cars signed up. Details are being finalized including names of wineries to be visited and will be provided to tour goers later.
  3. BMW BRIEFS: Pat McGoff briefed that by 2030 all M products will be either fully electric or employ some form of hybridized propulsion. (Details in
    1. Upcoming developments in the BMW i line will not be using the currently employed carbon-fiber monocoque construction but large amounts are still expected to be used throughout production of various models (bimmerlife)
    2. BMW plans to roll out a dozen full electric vehicles by the middle of the next decade. For a listing of models see the August 6 issue of Motor Week.
    3. BMW Group sold over one million cars in first 5 months of 2018(bimmerlife, June 16, 2018)
    4. 2019 Z4 M40i is rated at 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque and weighs just under 3400
      pounds(motor trend 9/18)
    5. The new 8 series coupe will launch this fall with a price range from $120,00 to $200,000. The car will produce over 500 hp and over 500 lb-ft of torque.
  4. ERRATA: Jim Goodfellow said a good source of parts for older cars is Autobahn parts that advertise in Roundel.
    QUESTION: When was the last 8 series manufactured?
    ANSWER: 20 years ago.
  6. Dinner after the meeting was @ Famous Dave’s (4925 Kietzke Lane) (click here for menu)

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