My Name is Pat McGoff

For the record, my name is Pat McGoff. I was born in Binghamton, a small city in upstate New York. I went to college at Broome Community college in Binghamton and graduated with an Associates Degree in Electrical Technology. I continued my education at Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

I went to work with Blount Construction right out of college. I worked with Blount for 20 years until the company was sold. Some of my most memorable projects I was on were King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the San Jose Convention Center. I went to work for Rudolph and Sletten in San Mateo, CA building biotech projects for Genentech and Chiron. I finished my career with Webcor Construction building commercial buildings. I was the Director for the Letterman Campus at the Presidio(SF) which was George Lucas’ Star War Campus. My last project was a 27-story condominium in downtown San Jose.

I moved to Reno, NV in 2007. Technically, my last project was building our house in ArrowCreek in 2006. It was great fun and probably my favorite project.

OK, so much for background history, so how did I fall in love with BMW’s you ask. Well, I was at a race in Limerock, Connecticut back in the late 60’s with a friend of mine. We were watching the SCCA races and I spotted this strange looking car cornering with the inside front tire off the ground. I asked my friend’s father what that car was. He said it was a BMW 2002. That car was beating every other car around the track. From that day on I told myself I would own one someday. Fast forward to 1974. I bought my first BMW, a brand new maroon BMW 2002. The rest was history. I now have my 22nd and 23rd BMW’s, a 2017 X5 and a 2018 440i convertible.

I have been a member of BMWCCA for 36 years and for the Sierra Chapter of BMWCCA since 2007. I served as Membership Chairman for 2 years and President for 4 years. I think we have one of the most active chapters in the country even being one of the smallest. We are more social that racing due to our location, but we have a lot of fun going to dinners after the meetings with the membership and going on terrific tours.

As you can see, cars are a passion of mine. I love to drive which is a good thing since we love to travel. I also love to ski. I was a ski instructor and served on the National Ski Patrol when I was younger. I also love to play tennis and golf. I walk about 20 miles a week to counter the calories from another passion – WINE.  We love to go wine tasting all over the world. We have been tasting in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, New Zealand as well as in  New York, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. We have belonged to many wine clubs and have an extensive wine cellar to hold all our wine.

I guess that covers the major things about me. I hope I didn’t bore you. LOL

~ Pat McGoff

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