My Name is Russ Huntoon

Born during WW2 in Southern California. Moved to Reno Nevada in 1949. Met my now wife, Cheri, of 52 years at Reno High School. We now have two Kids, two Grand Kids, and two Great Grand Kids. Early interest in Motorcycles and fast Cars led to racing at a young age, I met with some success earning three Distinct 36 AMA Championships and the number 1N racing number plate. Learned fabrication and mechanical skills through racing that brought people to me for building their cars and motorcycles. Worked in the automotive and motorcycle shops for 10 plus years, then started my own company. An automotive air conditioning specialist shop building air conditioners for production and specialty and exotic cars.  Opened Intrepid Motor Car and maintained the classic historic race and street cars.  Built a manufacturing company have building refuse and recycling equipment for the waste industry.

BMW experiences; 1959 worked for Oden’s Cycle Works the BMW -Yamaha dealer. I was racing a Yamaha at the time which had a very weak crank shaft.  Yamaha had a replacement in Compton CA. The shop owner’s son and I took the R69-S demo BMW (what a marvelous motorcycle) and did a bonsai run to LA and back overnight to get the Yamaha to the next race (dumb teenager). First BMW car experience way air conditioning the 2002’s by the hundreds in Sacramento when the 2002’s were selling like hot cakes.

I bought my first BMW after selling my refuse manufacturing company to a German company, a 1982-633 CSI which I still own and work on. Also, at that time I purchased my first “New” BMW motorcycle.

A 1993 K 1100 LT (purple) for Cheri and quick for me. (I still have it as well). My latest BMW is a K1200LT with a side car for my special needs Granddaughter.

I built Rally cars for BMW’s own Satch Carlson, 10 plus Saab’s and then when he started working for Roundel Magazine I built the Roundel cover car for him (Bad Dog a 325 IX).

Cheri and I both enjoy the BMW Club with all its diverse members and the social and driving events.

~ Russ Huntoon

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