November 8, 2018

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
8 November 2018 @ Pearce Motors

This is the Annual Meeting of the members.  As per the Article VIII of the Chapter ByLaws, the business to be transacted will include election of Officers and Directors for a 2 year term, commencing 1/1/2019.  Note that the report of the Nominating Committee is included in the minutes of the October 11, 2018 meeting.

  1. New Members & Membership Update
  2. Upcoming Events
    1. Dec 13, Christmas/Holiday Party
  3. Wine Tour video
  4. Monitor Pass video
  5. Elections (De) – click here to view the slate)
  6. BMW Briefs
  7. Trivia
  8. Q&A?
  9. Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant, 13901 S Virginia St, Reno (click here for menu)

Ron Nicasio, President, presided over meeting.

25 in Attendance,

  1. MEMBERSHIP: The club gained 1 new member who was present for a total of 147 members and 27 associate members
    Annual Christmas party will be held on December 13th. The web mistress has resent notice to all members. Cocktails prior to dinner will be at the McGoff residence. Bring your own beverages. Pre dinner bites will be provided by the club. December 6th is the hard deadline to sign up. More details are available on the club website.
  3. WINE TOUR 2018
    A video of the club’s annual wine trip on October 13th and 14th was shown. Thanks to Carol Villar and Fred Watson for taking the photos and preparing the video.
    There were no contested positions and the following were elected by acclamation for a 2 year term.
    – President-Mart Jaama
    – Vice President-Pat McGoff
    – Secretary-Ron Rachow
    – Treasurer/legal counsel-DeArmond Sharp Member at large-Mike Dietel
    – Newsletter- Carol Villar
    – Community Involvement-John Strom Webmistress-Carol Villar
    – Membership Chairman-Fred Watson
    – Events Coordinators-Russ and Cheri Huntoon
    Jim Goodfellow said he met with dealer representatives to see if the Dealership would be interested in displaying some of the more unique cars belonging to club members. Due to BMW having regulations that permit only new and CPO vehicles to be displayed in the showroom an alternative idea was to possibly have a one day show of some of the club vehicles at the dealership but no firm arrangements were made. This is still an idea in its formative stage.
    1. A design flaw with the potential to cause diesel BMW’s to catch fire has caused a recall of approximately 1,600,000 vehicles around the globe. Details are available at
    2. Rumors are flying that after this year BMW will no longer sell diesel powered vehicles in the United States. Details in
    3. BMW is being looked at with new interest by European Union regulators as part of the investigation of emissions tampering on diesel vehicles. This followed a 10 million Euro penalty for engine control software being installed on wrong models.
    4. Details of the 2019 X5 and its advanced technology are available in an article in September issue.
    5. BMW CCA National Office announces plans for a new campus near BMW Plant Spartanburg. The new campus will serve as a new business headquarters and also include a conference center, exhibition space, events venue, and retail outlet for club apparel and accessories.
    6. An article in Roundel reported a BMW owned by John Surtees (only person to ever win Grand Prix world championships in cars and on motorcycles) was auctioned off for just under $5,000,000. This was double 507s sales in the past 2 years.
    Question: Which BMW model will have a major change in 2020? Hint: it’s a convertible.
    Answer: 4 series will ditch hardtop for a soft top. Details
  8. DINNER. Dinner after the meeting was at Miguel’s at the Summit on South Virginia.