September 11, 2014

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
11 September  2014 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members & Membership Update (Sharon)
  2. Upcoming Events
    1. Sierra Foothills Wine Tour
    2. Street Survival
  3. Event Recap
    1. Kars For Kids
    2. August Potluck
    3. Chapter Picnic
    4. Sierra Buttes
  4. BMW on Track to Sell 2M Vehicles in 2014 (Car Magazine)
  5. BMW Recalls 3 Series 2000-2006 for Faulty Air Bags
  6. BMW Trivia
  7. Q&A?
  8. Dinner @ La Vecchia Italian Bistro

25 in Attendance

General Meeting: Pat McGoff, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

  1. Guests: Currently have 165 members.  James Barbel, Sacramento Member (still trying to get moved to Sierra Chapter).
  2. Upcoming Events.
    1. Sierra Foothills Fall Wine Tour will be September 13th and 14th.  It should be a great time for everyone who has signed up.  All have been contacted via emails.
    2. Street Survival on October 4th.  Jeff Warner gave a lot of updated information.  The first blast:  We are full, we have 28 students!  We need 16 in car coaches minimum, would like 20 and actually a total of 32 for helping in all areas.  As for the required training for the Street Survival Coaches, most of us could not get the first link given to work.  This one did kick Jeff out mid-test, but saved the training answers and let him finish the test on the second attempt.  So, if you have signed up to be a driving coach, please click this link.  Bill Wade and Madeline Miller sent the coach helper blast to Carol twice and it was sent out.
      As for the location changing from our Mount Rose spot to Sky Tavern, it is due to construction material being stored at Mt Rose until the middle of October.  Sky Tavern did work during the Kars For Kids event, but some structures may have to be changed to get the course set up safely.  We will have the lodge to use inside.  We are really low on coaches, help is needed!  Please go on line and sign up and get certified.
    3. Holiday Party.  Pat McGoff said it will be second Thursday, regular meeting date; more information will be provided later.  Location will be Bricks Restaurant and Wine Bar, 1695 South Virginia Street.  Cost to members will be $30 again this year.
  3. BMW Chapter Support. Sierra Chapter got $250 from BMW for Dan Viveiros buying a BMW X3 from Pearce and becoming a BMW CCA member.  However, several were missed this past year.  Pat will work with Mike Freitas on getting the accurate sales/sign ups done in the future.
  4. August Potluck. Pat McGoff said there were 44 who attended, the same as last year.  John English’s lasagna was gone within five minutes.
  5. BMW Recall Of 3 Series From 2000 to 2006 For Faulty Air Bags. This is a follow up to the partial recall done in 2011. Click here to read the autoblog article.
  6. BMW On Track To Sell 2M Vehicles in 2014. (Updated August 11, 2014 article by Scott Blazey.)  Click here to read the article.
  7. Kars 4 Kids Recap.  Jeff Warner said there were 80 cars at Sky Tavern on Mt Rose, which was half what there were last year.  It was necessary to move the function this year from Gilson’s auto facility in Sparks.  The $1000 most cars award went to Subaru!  They had 12 cars, we were third with 9 cars.  Jim Goodfellow said it was a great location, super job, great weather and it was not crowded.
  8. Officers. Pat McGoff said he had changed his mind and would remain president for the next two years.  Positions needed are Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Vice President.  He has been talking with Carol Villar, who has done a great job on the website, and she might hang in there for another two years.  The positions need to be locked in by the next meeting so a vote may be done in December.
  9. Newsletters. John Strom, Newsletter Editor, is gone for six months.  Short discussion on perhaps doing email of newsletters instead of mailing.  EMC Marketing has given us a quote to create the newsletter.  Estimated maybe ten members or a few more did not have email and those could be mailed.  More discussion later.
  10. Dawn Hammond And Giles Marion Were In Slovakia. Dawn sent a long email on what they were doing to assist the country.  Contact Pat McGoff for a copy of her email.
  11. Trivia. What famous singer of the 60’s had two rare BMW’s and what was the model? Answer: Elvis Presley and he had two 507’s
  12.  Question and Answer Session.
    1. Dan Viveiros asked if the dealer would promote the chapter.  Pat McGoff said that he had 700 flyers and was meeting with Mike Freitas to have the BMW CCA information inserted into the car packages.  The applications would go into the packages from now on.  Pat gave Mike Freitas 250 flyers.
    2. Russ Huntoon asked how the electric car was doing.  Pat McGoff said Pearce had sold one.  Kars for Kids had the electric car there; it did 60 miles which was not a long charge time.  There may be i8s at the PGA Championship, a hybrid, not electric.
    3. Jim Goodfellow asked if it was possible for his 8 series to be side by side with an i8 and put in the chapter name perhaps for more advertising.  That was a good suggestion if it could be done.
    4. Art Ona asked if BMW car dealer buyers get a rebate also.  Pat McGoff said the rebate comes from BMW NA so it is unlikely that employees of BMW get the rebate.
    5. Jeff Warner said Dave Duffield of PeopleSoft had gotten a Porsche 918 which has a base price of $850K.
  13. Dinner at LeVecchia Italian Bistro. Looked like 18 attending.   

General Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.