October 8, 2015

Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
8 October 2015 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members & Membership Update (Sharon)
  2. Upcoming Events for 2015
    1. Fun Rally – October 31st
    2. Holiday Party – December 3rd
  3. Kars for Kids Recap and Video
  4. Wine Tour Recap and Video
  5. Street Survival Recap
  6. BMW M2 ready for production
  7. BMW Racing Wheelchair for 2016 Paralympics
  8. BMW Z2 Gets Axed but Z4 better than ever
  9. BMW Trivia
  10. Q&A?
  11. Dinner @ Miguel’s @ The Summit

24 in Attendance

General Meeting:

  1. Guests and New Members: Possible new member, attended meeting for the first time. There were two new members added last month.
  2. Upcoming Events.
    1. Fun Rally.  October 31st – when you get the email, sign up to be included.
    2. Holiday Party. December 3rd, not the regular meeting date. Cocktails at DeArmond’s house around 5:30 pm and short drive to Bricks Restaurant and Wine Bar, 1695 South Virginia Street. Cost is $30.
  3. Sierra Wine Tour Recap and Video. Ron Nicasio had the video set up to run and Sharon Goodrich began video recaps for the evening. Another really great video from all who provided pictures.
  4. Street Survival Recap. Jeff Warner provided information on the event which had 16 sign up and 5 no shows. There was a mishap that will definitely be corrected for next time. There is not a gas/brake drill included in the training. This event showed how important it was when a Mazda 3 charged out of control and fortunately only the vehicle was harmed. Jeff is working with the staff at the Washoe County Training Facility up by Parr Boulevard for future events. It has a 400 square foot skid pad as well as a road course. Rental fee of $3500 is not possible for the event that BMW CCA Foundation/Tire Rack conducts, so we hope it can be waived for this teen training.
  5. Kars for Kids Recap and Video. It was a good turnout at the event, BMWCCA Sierra Chapter won for the car club with the most participants. Prizes for first place included $1000 check to the car club, a trophy and a framed certificate from Caliber Collision. Trophy and certificate was not on hand but will be at the next meeting. Our attendees said it was a really great day.
  6. BMW M2 Ready For Production. BMW has not yet revealed the power train but observers expect an updated N55 turbocharged in-line six that produces 365 horsepower and 343 pound feet of torque and have a limited slip differential.
  7. BMW Racing Wheelchair for 2016 Paralympics. The BMW design team is focusing on the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio with a new racing wheelchair to be used by the US Paralympics Track and Field team.
  8. BMW Z2 Gets Axed But Z4 Better Than Ever. The Z4 will remain as the brand’s only open-top sports car, at least for a while.
  9. BMW Trivia.  
    Question:   What car manufacturer beat out BMW in the month of September for luxury car in America?
    Answer: Mercedes Benz
    BMW sold 26,608 units, Mercedes Benz sold 29,020 units in September 2015.
  10. Dinner at Miguel’s at The Summit. Looked like 15 attending.