June 12, 2014

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
12 June 2014 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members & Membership Update (Sharon)
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. BMW i3 wins two World Car of the Year Awards
  4. Test drive the new i3-did you do it?
  5. BMW 5 series to launch lighter Next Generation car
  6. Virginia City Drive (revisited)
  7. BMW Welt 435i convertible pickup
  8. Dyna Tech Session (revisited)
  9. BMW Trivia
  10. Q&A?
  11. Dinner @ Silver Peak Restaurant (124 Wonder Street)

31 in Attendance

General Meeting: Pat McGoff, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

  1. Guests: Three members from other chapters attended the meeting: visiting for the summer, LA chapter; Utah Member;  Sacramento Member (thinking of relocating to Minden area).
  2. Upcoming Events.
    1. Barbera Festival on June 14. Eight members signed up on line for the event
    2. The first annual Sierra Chapter Picnic will be our July meeting and the date is changed to Sunday, July 13, at Arrowcreek Community Center. It will be a mini potluck starting at 11 am; currently 32 people are attending. Please sign up by the end of June.
    3. Sierra Buttes Tour on July 26.  Sharon Goodrich said that a poker run would be done again.
    4. August 14 Meeting will be a Barbecue/Potluck at Pat McGoff house.
    5. Fall Wine Tour will be September 13 and 14. De said nine had signed up so far, there were six more spots. Hellwig Winery was also having a concert featuring Pablo Cruz on Saturday night.
    6. Jeff Warner said the Gilson Kars for Kids Show and Shine on Sunday, September 14, has been cancelled and may be rescheduled later this year.  This is a non-sanctioned event.
  3. BMW i3 Wins Two World Car Of The Year Awards. Pat McGoff said be sure to drive it if you get a chance. It has iDrive, GPS etc but when you accelerate and want to stop, just remove your foot and it stops. There are many all green items on this car including plastic bottles for interiors, bamboo grass and olive oil for staining the interior leather. Base price is $43K, does 80 mpg, and a $7800 US rebate is also available.
  4. BMW 5 Series To Launch Lighter Next Generation Car in 2016. Pat McGoff also added this Scott Blazey article to the agenda.
  5. Virginia City Tour Recap – John English. There was no snow, the drive was beautiful, the roads were clear and it was a nice lunch also. Carol Villar had a slide show of the day’s drive. Many great photos.
  6. BMW Welt 435i Convertible Pickup By Pat McGoff. There was a slideshow of the Welt attached to the information CD and that was shown to those present. There were several good Autobahn stories during their 13 days of driving before dropping off the car and returning home.
  7. Gilson Dyno Video. John English had his car undergo the inspection and another slideshow was available on that event.
  8. Trivia. What M special edition sold out in 15 seconds this year? Answer: M5 30th anniversary edition.
  9. Dinner at Silver Peak Restaurant (124 Wonder Street).

General Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.