April 14, 2011

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV

14 April 2011 @ Pearce Motors

24 Members in Attendance
Guests: nonmember-joining

Art Ona, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM.

  1. Introductions. Lex Amastassatos is new tonight, has a 2000 M5, is in the National Guard, back from Afghanistan recently.
  2. Events.
    1. Virginia City Drive – John English -$5 a person, has a map and sign up sheet. Same route as last year: 431, 28, 50, Carson, 50, 341, Truck Route to Virginia City. After leaving McDonald’s/Raley’s at 10 am, will stop midway at the flat spot – and no red car in front this time please. Will drive up to Incline and stop briefly at Starbucks. Lunch at The Palace. Might be some costume guests from the historical society or other organizations in Virginia City.
    2. Tahoe Gal Trip Cruise with Sacramento Valley – John English – Tahoe Gal Trip on June 25. Trying to put it together. More information later. Jeff Warner reminded everyone that there are 13 shadows on Mount Rose Highway, so use caution.
    3. Driving Event – Jeff Warner – June 26 at Boreal. Boreal said they need two more weeks to get on it as a function there. We could do Mount Rose again if Boreal is not available he told Sacramento. Jeff and Mike Dietel went to the proving ground off Parr Boulevard where police and fire fighters train. The site would work well. They charge a lot for everything; the skid pad is huge. TMCC and Washoe County own it. Driver’s Edge in Las Vegas, run by Jeff Payne (CEO) and Bruce Mackey, Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, has a great turnout at their events which is sponsored by Bridgestone. Jeff will contact them to see how participation is obtained. Their last event was four days and 1100 kids; they provide the cars. There is very little hands on time, which Street Survival is mostly hands on, and it is free. http://www.driversedge.org/ Street Survival needs to get out to the parents. Art Ona can notify State Farm and there is another insurance company who supports the program also. We need more participation to get it filled for the day.
  3. Amador Wine Trip – DeArmond announced that is changed from October to September 17 and 18 since there are no rooms available in October.
  4. Dinner Choices Following Meeting. Art said the dinner was fantastic last month at Great Basin and would like to visit there again in May. June may be EG Sushi and Pinocchio’s is opening again. Other options could be Silver Peak and Famous Dave’s Barbecue (where Hollywood Video used to be). Express your preferences.
  5. Future Meetings. May meeting – Mike Dietel will give a presentation.
  6. Dinner would be at LeVecchia – about 18 attending.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.