My Name is DeArmond Sharp

My name is Frank DeArmond Sharp. You all did not know that. You will also be surprised to hear I was born in Manila, Philippine Islands. My parents graduated from the University of Nevada in 1937. My father with a degree in mining engineering from the Mackay School of Mines and my mother with a Home Economics Degree. My father’s first job was with a mining company in Baggio, Philippine Islands. No airline flights to the Philippines in 1937—ocean liners. We returned to USA via ocean liner in 1940.

I was raised in a copper mining camp in Kimberly, Nevada. I know you never heard of it and if you happened to go there today (even if you can get close) you will find a big open pit mine.  Kimberly was a mining company town. We had our own hospital, K-12 School, post office, small store and company housing. When WW II ended copper price tanked and mining in Kimberly was cut back and parts of the town including the school were shut down. Kimberly kids were bused to Ruth to finish 12th grade.

High school was in Ely, White Pine County HS. Kids from Kimberly, Ruth, McGill and area ranches all went to WP HS.

My first car was not a BMW. In 1955 I acquired 1940 Ford coupe. Ran ok but no brakes. My Dad and I finally got brakes fixed. I went off to college fall 1956 at the University of Nevada.  Note I did not say UNR, Reno because the only UNR in 1956 was in Reno. There was a two year JC in Las Vegas. My Ford did not go to college with me.  In1958 my parents moved to Las Vegas and my Ford disappeared.

Fast forward. College followed by Law School at Stanford, married to Joyce (we met at UNR) and moved to Reno in 1963.  I had a 1954 Ford Fairlane six with column shift. Joyce had 1955 Chev. Coupe.  Both sold, and we got 1960 or so Ford Galaxy. I was admitted to Bar in Nevada in 1963 (55 years ago). We were both working so we splurged and bought a 1964 Pontiac Tempest convertible. When daughter Stefanie was born in 1966 the Tempest was traded in on another Ford sedan. Son Kyle was born in 1969 and a series of cars followed:  SAAB turbo sedan; BMW Bavaria, BMW 2002, Mercedes Benz 450SEL; BMW E36 M3; BMW E46 M3; current 2015 M4; three X5s latest a 2015 diesel- great car.  Also mixed in was a Mitsubishi SUV, a 1964 or 65 Ford pickup and 2008 Chevrolet Silverado pickup.

In 2000 we attended a charity function that had a silent auction. A GGCBMWCCA two day driving school at Sears Point was one of the auction items. I bought it!  My first track school at Sears was November 2000. I found my application for another GGC school at Sears in November of 2002 that listed schools at Laguna Seca (1) a Thunder Hill (1) and Sears (3). Many other schools and track days at Reno Fernley followed including the BMW M school in Greenville in 2012. I took my M4 purchased in April 2016 to Laguna Seca during Octoberfest 2016.  Probably my last track day. Although on my bucket list is a track day at Mid-Ohio track with my son in the Blue E36 M3 that he bought from me.

The Sierra Chapter was organized October 17, 2006. The Club Charter was issued on January 27, 2007 as the 94th chapter of BMWCCA. I was a charter member. I was elected as the Treasurer’s when Mart Jaama the original treasurer moved to California and I have not been able to get shed of the position. After 12 years many of the charter members are still active in the Club.  Many new members have joined. Among the great things about the Club is the opportunity to make new friends. Joyce and I look forward to enjoying Club events with old friends and meeting new friends for many years to come.