2017 Q1 Treasurer’s Report

Memorial Day Weekend is here already and there is a still lot of snow in the Sierra. Didn’t we just enjoy the Holiday Party and dinner? Then the January atmospheric river and flooding arrived, then more snow and more rain. On a personal note our basement party room had 3+ feet of water and is now an unfinished basement party room. Good thing the site of the Holiday cocktail party was moved to the McGoff’s house. Hey maybe we can have a basement finishing party—you know like a barn rising party. We move on. Your intrepid wine tour leaders have started planning for the Wine Tour on October 14. Planning require a pre tour trip to Plymouth to pick out this year’s target wineries. John and Alice Strom the first Sierra Chapter wine tour leaders have volunteered to assist in planning the 2017 tour—I know its tough duty but someone has to do it. We hope to add at least two new wineries—there are many to choose from. Given the nasty weather in the first quarter of the year good thing we did not have any driving tours planned—only x cars would have made it. We all look forward to the Virginia City tour and a chance to exercise our steeds (you know—our M cars) and trust our leader John English will clear the way of radar traps (sorry no reimbursement for tickets). Oh – right this is the Treasurer’s report. I am happy to report that long time expert Treasurer in fact Joan Peyser is still on the job even though she has retired. The Club has as of May 11 in round numbers $8300 and receives $189 a month in dues from BMW CCA. Party time! See you at the Aces game on Thursday June 22nd this is our June meeting.

DeArmond Sharp Treasurer.