2017 4th Annual Family Picnic

If you didn’t get to join us Sunday, July 12th at the Annual Family you can still share our experience (then you may want to join us on our next event!).

The Sierra Chapters 4th annual summer picnic was held on August 12th at the ArrowCreek Residence Club. The day turned out to be a perfect day for a picnic. Mart Jaama held a “Show & Shine” in the Club parking lot. A big thank you to Mart for making some great trophies to pass out to three lucky winners. I and new member Mark Hannon did the grilling duties. We had awesome hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage provided by the club. Members brought side dishes to compliment the main meal. There was plenty of food to go around for everyone. We were able to use the indoor residence club to dine although picnic tables were also provided outside with umbrellas.

We had 18 member cars show up for the event, 15 BMWs, two classic MB SL’s and a Subaru. De Sharp brought his beautiful M4, which did win one of the Show and Shine trophies, the People’s Choice award. Sharon Goodrich had her blue M228 on hand and it also won a trophy, the brightest award. Pat & Joann’s 2018 440i convertible won the Cutest Car award. There was a BMW hubcap award given to the Subaru owners. Plus there were another gifts and gag items given out. It was a great idea to have a show and shine with the picnic. Mart also invited members to bring remote control cars to the picnic. Ron Nicasio brought his to challenge Marts remote car. Maybe next year we can get more cars to show up and race. This event is a lot of fun and we hope that members will put it on their calendars for next year!!

Pat and Mart