2016 April Briefs

From John Strom

Hi, friends!  Not a good day for our BMW X3 as we got rear-ended this morning by a Ford F-350 while we were stopped at the light at South Virginia and Foothill Rd near our house.  As you can see, the car “gave up its life to save ours”.  Both Alice and I are OK thanks to the great passive safety protection engineered into the X3.  The crumple zones crumpled and the whiplash protection of the seats and headrests really helped reduce our impact. 
The truck never hit the brakes and the impact pushed us into a Saturn Vue in front of us which then impacted a Lexus LX470 in front of it.  Only the Lexus was able to be driven away.  Luckily there were no real injuries.  I did have to go to the ER about 3 hours after the crash for a whiplash related nerve reaction – a stinger-like reaction down the left side of my body – kinda weird feeling, no pain.  A CAT scan revealed nothing serious, thank goodness.
We were just about to leave for four days driving up the CA coast from Marin to Fort Bragg on a pre-run of a BMW Car Club tour we’re leading next month.  Friends Ron and denise Lewis were going to ride with us in the X3.  We were able to leave late afternoon with Ron driving their Acura MDX instead.
I guess I’m going to have to shop for a new car…and you know how much I hate doing that!

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