February 13, 2014

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
13 February 2014 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members
  2. BMW 2 Series coming
  3. BMW X1 Prototype
  4. New Events for 2014
  5. Bill Pearce Service Tools Demo Recap
  6. Q&A
  7. Dinner @ Olive Garden

25 in Attendance
Scott Knauf, SCCA Regional Executive (has a white E36 M3 and is a BMW CCA member but no chapter affiliation).

General Meeting: Pat McGoff, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

  1. New Members/Guests: No new members, but some were attending that had not been to a meeting in quite a while. Scott Knauf, SCCA Regional Executive, has a white E36 M3 and is a BMW CCA member but no chapter affiliation.
  2. New BMW Models
    1. BMW 2 Series. Information on the new 2 series coupe was attached to the agenda. It details the car and the history of the BMW 02 range back to the 2002 models of the 1960s and 70s posted at BMW Releases Innovative New Product for Families—Just Not In the U.S.
    2. BMW X1 Prototype. Scheduled to arrive in showrooms in 2015. The crossover has been spotted and information is posted at BMW X1 prototype snapped on the road
  3. Events for 2014.  A draft copy was handed out and some changes made to it.  It can be seen in full at the end of these meeting comments and John Strom will also put part of the list in the newsletter due out next month.
    1. Gilbert now has a Dyno which attaches to the axle.  Pat McGoff will look for an April tech session at Gilson, on one of the upcoming Saturdays.
    2. DeArmond Sharp had an information sheet on Barbera Festival on June 14.  Tickets will be available on line starting March first.  Slots fill fast, so if you wish to attend, do it right away at www.barberafestival.com .  Rooms have been reserved in the name of Sierra BMW Club at Days Inn in Sutter Creek (209.267.9177).
    3. The August 14 meeting will be Pat McGoff’s house for a barbecue and potluck; September 11 will be regular meeting at Pearce.
    4. The Monterey Historics is August 14 -17, multiple events (non-sanctioned event).
    5. Fall Wine Tour will be September 13 – 14 (date changed so rooms could be blocked out for our tour).
    6. September 14 is Gilbert’s Kars for Kids charity event in Sparks.
    7. Street Survival is set for October 4.
  4. Bill Pearce Service Tools Demo Recap.  John Strom said most of those attending the January meeting saw the demonstration.  The dealers send their mechanics to school each year and spend $186,000 on it.  The tool to align front and rear cameras $3500.  BMWs now have 32 computers in them, so it should be easier to understand why it may be important to have BMW do service and repairs.  Jim Goodfellow said the i8 should be here in the spring and will cost $385K.  Pat McGoff said he would be called by Mike Freitas when new vehicles arrive.  Getting to view them, however, may be very difficult as they leave fast.  John Strom agreed, pointing out the viewing of the 959 Porsche that just “happened” to be downstairs in the service bay the night of our October 2013 meeting and we were able to view see it.
  5. SCCA Regional Executive Scott Knauf.  He has a white E36 M3, is a BMW CCA member but has no club affiliation at this time.  April 12 will be a solo event at Stead and there will be some events around the Reno Air Races timeframe.  There may also be a Reno-Fernley Autocross, no date as yet.  A Test Tune is on April 6 and March 27 a Street Survival event that will have a cap of 32 students.  Many participants are member’s kids and their neighbors.  Usually they have had 14 – 15 in attendance.  Stead provides a water truck and are very helpful with the event.  The annual membership is $75.  Visit the web site for more information at www.renoscca.org .
  6. Trivia.  Question on E numbers.  What is a 2005 M3?  Answer:  E46.
  7. Club Rally.  Steve Polimeni will set up one for the general area.  It will not be a TSD rally, but fun event, so anyone who has never done a rally before can get a general idea of what it entails.
  8. Board Positions Open.  Pat McGoff asked anyone who was interested in President, Secretary or Webmaster positions to contact him.
  9. Dinner at Olive GardenIt will be separate checks, can order off the menu, upstairs to the left area.  About 17 attending; corner of South Virginia Street and Kietzke Lane.

General Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm