July 9, 2020

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
09 July @ Pearce Motors

Please join us for our monthly Chapter Meeting and Dinner. We meet on the second Thursday of each month, the meetings start @ 6PM. This month the meeting and dinner (with separate checks) will be at Bricks Restaurant (1695 S Virginia St in Reno) in their outdoor patio (weather permitting). We will take the first 20 members/spouses (total) for the meeting/dinner).

Bricks is set up with approved social distancing and follows other Corvid regulations. All event chairpersons, committee chairperson, officers and board members are urged to attend to discuss future of the Sierra Chapter.


To: Pat McGoff, DeArmond Sharp

Please accept this as my letter of resignation as President of the Sierra Chapter of BMW CCA, effective immediately.

Due to personal health issues and age I feel extremely cautious about reopening our Chapter during this Covid pandemic and asking people to meetings and dinners. It seems others feel differently about their risk taking decisions. They are free to go ahead with their plans. At this point in time I do not feel comfortable with the scheduled meeting and dinner on July 9, therefore cannot fullfill my duties as President. I feel it would be better if someone else took over the presidency and all that goes with it. I will stay involved with the chapter and help in any way if I am asked.

Mart Jaama


  1. New Members & Membership Update
  2. Upcoming Events
    1. Family Picnic
    2. Wine Tour
  3. Upcoming Vote on new Officers
  4. BMW Briefs
  5. BMW Trivia
  6. Q&A?
  7. Dinner @ Bricks (click here for the menu).


Meeting called to order by Vice President Pat McGoff at 6:00 p.m. Meeting held at Brick’s restaurant patio. There were 12 members present.

  1. MEMBERSHIP: Fred Watson reported that for July there were 3 new members, 5 lapsed members, and 15 members who had renewed. Club membership including associates hovers around 160.
  2. FUTURE EVENTS: There are currently only 2 planned events on calendar:
    1. ANNUAL PICNIC at Galena Park in August and the Wine Trip in September. Details are on website.
    2. WINE TOUR is still a work in progress due to limitations imposed on tasting rooms by corona-virus restrictions in California. De Sharp is in contact with several wineries and will provide more details as the date draws nearer. Those planning to attend, and who haven’t done so, can contact the Shenandoah Inn where a block of rooms are reserved.
    1. BMW European delivery is ending this fall because of declining interest. The ultimate delivery experience will remain available at plant Spartanburg. (bimmerlife.com/2020/05/09)
    2. Several members received an email from Jim Davies encouraging contact with Nevada officials to support a single license plate on vehicles. Although he gives numerous reasons for a single plate, he neglected to mention that since 2005 Nevada has not required a front license plate for vehicles lacking a manufactured place on the front bumper for a plate. Most of us have cars without a designated space for a front plate and thus any change would have no effect for us.
    3. BMW has cancelled plans to sell an all electric iX3 in the United States but has not offered an explanation for that decision. Speculation for the decision is commented on in BimmerLife and the June Roundel.
    4. BMW is going ahead with the advancement of a hydrogen fuel cell powered electric vehicle concept. See bimmerlife.com/2020/04/04.
    QUESTION: The world’s longest racetrack will soon be found in Pahrump, Nevada. What is currently the world’s longest racetrack?
    ANSWER: Nurburgring in Germany that is 13.1 miles long.
  5. DINNER was at Brick’s following the meeting.