Message from your Editor

Every quarter I bring the same message to you, but with little response. Our club has grown to almost 200 members and I hope to see YOU participate in the many activities that the club will be scheduling for the coming year. Speaking of participation, it would be great if you would also participate in another way. Remember our goal is to HAVE FUN. Not only is there are a lot of activities for the fun aspect, but there is a chance to share stories about our favorite car or cars. Don’t feel that you can’t write even a short story. Get me the information and I’ll even make you out to be a literary genius. I’ll be your ghost writer.

What makes a club great is for the members to participate. Elections will take place in few weeks, a great place to participate. New members on the board or attending board meetings could give a fresh look at some new events and activities.  Also, your input on activities would help pave the road to the future. Not only in going to the events, but also by submitting your life experienced on the road and, especially, about your BMW experiences. This is your newsletter and you are invited to submit things of interest. If they are family friendly they could be published for all club members to enjoy. I know that you have great things to share. Send your contributions to [email protected]. I promise that it doesn’t hurt one little bit to share.

~ Fred Watson, Editor