Street Survival – October 7

Greetings everyone…. as the newly minted organizer for the Street Survival event I realize the time is growing short as the event nears and I’m freakin’ out just a little…sort of OMG! Never mind, we have some incredibly talented folks in our club and I say a “novena” every night that they will be there.

Event registrations are underway and we already have 10 students enrolled…ummmm…that would be a need for 10 in-car coaches already – you might see where I’m going with this. If you have never coached before then let me tell you… it can be an exhilarating, hair-raising, rewarding, fun experience, and probably all in that order! And no… you don’t get to teach your child or even your neighbors child… that wouldn’t be good! Best of all… you might even learn a few maneuvers you didn’t know about.

To keep the Street Survival folks happy, they require you to complete an on-line course that takes about 1 hour. The course material basically covers the psychology of teaching a teenager car control skills. You can do this. Upon completion you are rewarded with a certificate which officially makes you a coach – then we can play. Click here to start the online course.

The event takes place at the Washoe County Regional Public Safety Center and the facility is terrific – complete with track facilities, air-conditioned classrooms, proper water closets and ample parking. Food and beverages are provided. In addition to coaches, I need volunteers and cheerleaders – yep, if you just want to check it out and cheer on the students and coaches you are more than welcome. Just let me know so I can make sure we don’t run out of food.

Please send me some fan mail so I can get off my knees!

Look forward to seeing you all and please save the date.

Stephen Polimeni, Driving Events Coordinator