James “Jim” Goodfellow

Personal Information:
Retired Air Force pilot and intelligence officer.
Spent 13 years in Pacific
Spent 4 years in Europe.
Loved flying reconnaissance.  Had a neat logo across the various squadrons – “alone – unarmed – unafraid”.  Was true most of the time!

My first flight into South Vietnam we overflew a little civilian French airport on the coast that had a short little runway with asphalt potholes and a low power radio station.  10 years later I made an emergency landing there and it was called DaNang!
I delivered the first RF-4 into Continental Europe direct from St Louis, MO.  What great fun!

I always loved BMWs.
In Europe had an 1800 TI.  We could take a week end drive to the Nurburgring for a day of fun driving for just few coins.  Not like today!!!)
When we lived in Honolulu, I had the first 2002 (what) in the state.  We would put all the surfboards on top rack and spend weekends on beach in the surf with kids and wife.   Wonderful!
Today I have collection of classic BMWs.  I call them “Cars with History!!
E-24 M6: early Dinan mod car and is in final step of restoration.
E-34 M5: Personal import from Germany final production of hand built M5 Europe version.
E-39 M5: daily driver.
Alpina B12 6.0: this is the only one in US, a personal import from Spain.

This is #33 of only 93 made. Only one in the US.

E-31 850CSi: another personal import from Germany. BMW Individual Shop with customizing by Alpina factory.

This is the Euro version of an “8” Csi customized at Alpina factory

Aston Martin DB7: this was first year of production for the V12 convertible.
E-36/8 Z3/M Roadster: this has been customized into auto cross special.
E-34 M5: Barn Find, for sale, this was the first E-34 M5 factory demonstrator on West Coast.

E-34 M5 Euro version