Nurse Jane’s new X3

Okay, so it’s NOT a mongo track monster. If anyone has been considering the new F25 version of the X3, Nurse Jane LUVS hers. It is within a couple inches, overall dimension-wise, of her previous X5. Even with the smaller engine choice of the 4-cylinder (“Twin Power Turbo”, yeah that’s what I’m talkin’ about), this thing just gobbles up Mt. Rose Highway. The M Package adds quite a bit of character to the ride. The nurse didn’t want to give up her X5, but after the drive home from the dealer she gushed: “I love this car. It’s sooooo much better than the X5.” Whew! No exhaust mods for this one though… under threat of death. She didn’t say anything about engine software… hmmmm. Pics to follow.

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