2015 Fun Rally

A Really Fun “Fun Rally”

by Steve Polimeni

As luck would have it, after rescheduling our Fun Rally to Halloween Saturday because of prior commitments by quite a few valued club members, the weather turned out to be one of those beautiful Fall days with temperatures in the low 70’s and clear, sunny skies….yeah!

Our Fun rally was centered around public accessible golf courses in the greater Reno/Sparks area which provided an opportunity for members to venture to areas they may have never been before without having to pack an overnight bag or even require an afternoon nap! Eleven teams (cars) showed up mostly on time except for Andy and Sharon who got there just in time before the start – Andy blamed it on Sharon as usual….just kidding.

Rally fans were handed a packet of information which contained instructions and clues for each leg of the rally. Points were awarded for each leg completed, there were 6 golf courses, a driving range, a one hole putt challenge that was mandatory, and an elusive bottle of Greg Norman Cab/Merlot that could actually be found at our starting point in front of Total Wine. Oh yes, there was one other golf course but since it had not points assigned to it, why even go there!

The rally stops were random and participants had to use their own discretion as to what they could complete in the 3-hour time frame they given before ending up at the Twisted Fork restaurant for some well deserved sustenance. Each clue contained a picture of the rally stop, and within the picture was a clue as to the location or identity of the golf course. Participants were free to use their phones or GPS devices or printed maps (not many of those). There appeared to be some collusion but that was expected…it didn’t help much. At the mandatory one-hole putt challenge (girls did better than boys except Jim Johns and Pat McGoff – of course), Rally fans were handed a complimentary golf (crying) towel.

It should be noted that the Rallymaster is not a golfer (yet) but the geographic locations, accessibility of club houses and restrooms for potty breaks, and overall “driveability” for the rally made this an opportune theme. My sincere thanks to all participants for being such good sports.


First Prize went to Pat and JoAnn, John & Anne-Marie took 2nd Place Paul took 3rd. Ron & Sharon  came in last and received a bottle of Greg Norman’s Cab/Merlot!