March 14, 2013

Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
14 March 2013 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members
  2. Oktoberfest Update
  3. Event Updates
  4. Website Improvements
  5. BMW 4 Series Coupe Video
  6. 4 Series Concept Convertible
  7. Sierra BMWCCA Banners
  8. New Roundel App on the iPad @ the App Store
  9. BMW Trivia
  10. Dinner @ La Vecchia Italian Bistro

22 in Attendance
Pat McGoff, President, called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.

  1. Introductions were done since another new member was present.  He had been a member of the Tucson Chapter and was initially transferred to the Sacramento Chapter.
  2. Oktoberfest (August 19-25) Update by Carol Villar.  A short ad clip was shown.  As of March 1 reservations have been accepted via  The web site shows activities for the week and package prices.  You must sign up first, then BMW CCA books the Hyatt room for you at $139 per night (could be $379 other nights).
  3. Event Updates.  Web Site will have much more information on individual events.  Please check events you may want to attend.  All events mentioned at this meeting were BMW CCA sanctioned events.
    1. 2013 Left Coast 8Fest – Northern California towns of Benbow and Garberville from October 4-7.  Jim Goodfellow said there were already two cars being shipped over from Germany for this year’s show.  Eight years ago at the West Coast show registration was for 89 beautiful 8 series cars.
    2. Virginia City Tour – April 20 date will not interfere with any other major activities – John English outlined a general route which included Mt Rose to 28, then 50, Six Mile Canyon and eat at the Palace Restaurant which has excellent food.
    3. Mystery Wine Tour is June 8 – 9.  Pat McGoff said it would be a blind drive, John Strom said it was not yet full, so contact either John Strom or Pat McGoff.
    4. Sierra Buttes Tour on July 27.  Andy and Sharon Goodrich said a poker run would be included, which will be a first time for everyone.  It will be basically 431 to Kings Beach, 267, Sierraville, Highway 89, and then 49 which is a very winding road.  On to Gold Lake, Graeagle, Portola and home.
    5. Fall Wine Tour is September 28-29.  It fills up fast so contact DeArmond Sharp, Ron Rachow or Pat McGoff.
  4. Website Improvements.  Pat McGoff mentioned there were fourteen chapters currently in the Pacific Region and shortcomings of each chapter were pointed out the regional meeting.  BMW CCA Sierra Chapter was one of the best with two items needing correction.  One was the Bylaws, which have been added.  The other was a >Photo Gallery.  We had a video, so Carol Villar did a gallery and gave a demonstration of the changes she had made on the web site.  Carol had also added a link to a forum but there was no chatter yet.  I also showed the Logos page. She put in pictures from the earliest event since she joined the Chapter and became webmaster to now.  Carol would like pictures of member cars, which can be added or contact Carol for adding them.
  5. BMW 4 Series Coupe Video.  Carol showed a short video of the new car.  There are 66 BMW models now and they are going to have around 116 models worldwide by 2020.
  6. BMW 4 Series Concept Convertible.  Another informative item; we learned a little more.
  7. Sierra BMW CCA Banners.  Pat McGoff contacted Russ Huntoon and told him Staples had outdoor vinyl banners with grommets at half price. Russ said he would pay for them himself instead of the club. Each were $40 and used two different photos from the web site.  Pat and Carol rolled them out for us to see up close. Note: These are 2 individual 8′ x 2.5′ Banners
    Banners for 2013 Oktoberfest!
  8. New BMW CCA Roundel App On The iPad at the App Store.  Pat McGoff gave a short demo on the new app which required your BMW CCA email address and password.  The app has all the magazines and downloads.  You can also scroll to read if you like.
  9. BMW Trivia.  Picture provided with the agenda.  It was a 328, 1937, cost:  priceless.
  10. Member Comments.
    1. Office Max has a BMW discount for supplies – free; more distributed to attendees. Check out more discounts at membership benefits page. You must login to see the “Discount Link.”
    2. Giles Marion will be 70 years old tomorrow, the Ides of March.
    3. Jim Goodfellow said the Alpina web page has some pictures and little spiel on it, may want to check it out.  Carol Villar said she had tried it but it did not send you an email on the club web site and goes blank.  She will send out an email when the kinks are solved.  There may be a form to fill out, she will check further.
    4. arol Villar suggested having a release to use pictures on the web site available at future events so they can be added to the gallery
  11. Dinner at La Vecchia Italian Bistro would be in the back room.  Looked like maybe 17 attending.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.

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