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Barn Find, E-34 M5 History

In the mid-1980s BMW built a one-off car using parts from their sports/racing cars, their mid-sized sedans and their luxury 6 series coupe.  They showed it at the European car show and it was an immediate success.  They made it into the E-28 M5 hand built production Uber super sports sedan and it was an instant classic success!

When BMW continued into the E-34 production they continued the M5 hand built model Uber super sports sedan.  They sent the first West Coast car to their San Francisco office where it was used as the demonstrator for the West Coast.  When the model was continued the next year they sold the first car to a doctor in Marin County, Cal.

The Doctor eventually sold it to Jim Goodfellow and he later sold it to a friend in Carson City.  During a routine service a mechanic forgot to refill transmission with fluid and subsequent driving ruined the transmission.  A replacement was fitted but Jim’s friend became ill and which caused him to finally store it.  When he died the M5 became part of the estate and it has been parked for several years.

Jim is now the current owner again, the car is running; Reno Rennsports has inspected it and can tell anyone about the car.

If you are interested in owning an “M” classic with history you can contact Jim at 775-750-7098 or Reno Rennsports at 775-997-8164.