July 12, 2012

Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV

12 July 2012 @ Pearce Motors
34 in Attendance

Art Ona, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

  1. Introductions/Updates:  Art Ona had a computer down so no access for a while.  Don Alexander, guest speaker, Great Western Race Series.  Art introduced Geoffrey Cutler from Sporthaus who was a fan of BMW.  Tae was a visitor and friend of Dawn Hammond.  Dawn also suggested a Spanish Springs Korean sushi restaurant off Los Altos.  Distance was a factor for that site.
  2. John English – Events.
    • July 21 day trip – Black Chasm Cavern, Volcano CA:  The web site information was posted and is correct.  Linda Sanfilipino said the group should be there by noon, then it would be Jackson for a great meal.
    • Wine Tour to El Dorado and Amador Counties – Saturday, September 29:  DeArmond Sharp said currently there were twelve signed up; would like 15.  The motel will release the rooms on August 29th.  More detailed information will be sent to anyone who signed up.  For info visit our Wine Tour page  For more information contact DeArmond Sharp ([email protected]) or Pat McGoff ([email protected]) .
    • Street Survival, Mt Rose, October 6:  Jeff Warner said they were doing repaving and it should be completed by October 6.  Event would be at Slide Mountain on east parking lot if had to move it.  “Motorsport Ridge” is promoting the event on their web site; there are seven currently signed up; want 30.  It is $75.  Mario asked if there was a flyer and Jeff will provide one.  Need at least 15 coaches.
  3. Rich Hill, Director, Great Western Race Series, and Don Alexander, were guest speakers and discussed two upcoming events.  These are non-sanctioned BMW events. Both will be held at Reno-Fernley Raceway.  The first one is August 4-5, the second one September 1-2.  Information may be obtained from www.GWRaceSeries.com or call Rich or Don at 846-8747.  There are three groups:  The Reno Time Trials and Street Legals (four twenty minute sessions Saturday and Sunday, $175/day or $300 weekend), and the Competition Class (3.5 hour runs, 1.5 hour pull into pit and hydrate and change drivers probably, $400 for weekend and $100 for additional driver).  If you are in need of personal safety equipment such as current, legal helmet or socks, visit Davis Motorsports of Reno at www.shop.davismotorsportsofreno.com/ or 7320 Estates Road, Reno NV 89506.  They are sponsoring the event and have worked over their supers for some very good pricing for participants.  The competition class requires cage, harness and full safety gear.  Sign ups need to be by July 20, so will distribute via a web and email announcement to members.  If you are interested, please sign up as soon as you can.
  4. Dawn Hammond discussed volunteer work she has been doing in Prague, Czech Republic countries.  Nurseries provided seeds last year and they were mailed.  Dawn uses her Social Security money to pay for the trips.  She is leaving September 2nd for Prague and then Slovakia.  She may be moving to another state next year.  The CESP-I is a non-profit group.  If you want to donate, contact her at 775.626.8998 or [email protected].
  5. Dinner looked like 23 tonight; Ling and Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill (by Claim Jumper).

General Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.