August 11, 2011

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV

11 August 2011 @ Pearce Motors
23 in Attendance

Guests: Jeff Leathers – Service Manager – Speaker; Avery Roberson – Master Mechanic – Speaker; Walt and Carol Nelson – Mini – Dayton; Steve Winters (M6)

Art Ona, President, called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

1.  Jeff Leathers, Service Manager, was first speaker of the night, along with Avery Roberson, Service Technician Manager.  Jeff has been with Pearce for 16 years.  The information provided on BMWs Condition Based Maintenance Program was very detailed and good for all members to know.

Where are the Dip Sticks?  Government action began the change.  The oil level sensor is precise, the temperature, viscosity and level are taken right before the car starts.  Five minutes later it does a dynamic oil test.  Without the dip stick, it helps keep the oil from breaking down.  Question:  so does the sensor fail?  Jeff said the first sensor this year was replaced last month; the previous one was in December 2010.

2.  Introductions.  Graeme Price was a new member.  Carol and Walt Nelson from Dayton are Mini members.  Steve Winters has an M6.

3.  Blackhawk Museum was a great trip.  Russ Huntoon said the information exchanged was also very good for the docents.

4.  Art asked for Christmas ideas.  Cheri Huntoon mentioned Collin Smith’s Roundabout Catering off Robb and Mae Anne in Northwest Reno.  Check for more information.  The December date is open and it could be just our group in the room as it is small but very comfortable.  Price would be $25 – 35 per person.  Cheri would check and give more feedback at the September meeting on whether our own wine could be brought or if it was restricted.  Vote was unanimous.

5.  Dinner will be at La Vechhia this month and Los Compadres in September which has opened at Foothill area.

6.  Oktoberfest.  Russ Huntoon would like a banner and goody bag to take with him.

7.  Street Survival.  Jeff Warner was not available, however, July meeting notes were read: Tire Rack Street Survival, Saturday, September 10, Mt Rose.  This time there will be use of indoor bathroom and classroom.  Fire truck will be there, students will use their own cars.  Need volunteers as coaches to sit in the cars with the kids.  It will be straight ahead braking.  Starting age is 15 (with permit) to 22 years old.  Need 30 participants.  Would like to have 30+ workers, coaches, etc.  Do not have to be club members to work this day with the students.  This is not a BMW CCA sanctioned event because CCA instructors will not be in the cars.

8.  Track Day – Reno-Fernley, October 9, Sunday.  Mike Dietel had 12 sign ups so far, need 15-20.  Should have ten from our group, cost is $175.  This is not a BMW CCA sanctioned event because CCA instructors will not be in the cars.

9.  Sierra Foothill/Lincoln County Wine Trip – September 16 and 17.   DeArmond Sharp has done a pre-drive and made a few changes.  It would be 89 to 4, Murphy’s, Ironstone Lunch at the Deli, then on to Plymouth and the Shenandoah Inn (209.245.4491).  They probably did not have any more rooms available due to another scheduled event; last he checked there were only two remaining.  Sunday am will be breakfast at the Dead Fly Diner then to Helwig Winery ( ) for a cave tour and wine tasting.  After that you are on your own.  Will be meeting at the South end of Sierra Summit parking lot in back of the Tilly’s store where restrooms are available.

10. Gilbert Dayao provided a flyer for a Children’s Cabinet fundraiser – September 19, 2011.  Montreux Golf and Country Club ( ), starts at noon, participation fee is $250 which includes golf, dinner, silent auction, and donation to Children’s Cabinet.

11. Avery Roberson, Master Mechanic, was introduced by Jim Goodfellow, who has been a friend for many years.  General comments were to replace the air filter every year as it gets dusty.  Oil sensors are reliable; short trips, however, get moisture on the sensor.  Many items are now Federally mandated:  tires, headlights, fuel filters, air filters, and more.  Data is collected, but it is still best do check and change items every 15,000 miles.

12. Dinner at LeVecchia – 27 participating.

General Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.