2011 Virginia City

2011 Virginia City Drive

WHEN: Saturday, May 21st @9:15 AM, Meet @ Starbucks/Raleys on Mt. Rose Hwy (18250 Wedge Pkwy, Reno )

We started at the Starbucks on Mt. Rose Hwy (431) stopped at the Lake for a Kodak moment, then continued through Incline Village (28) with a stop at Starbucks at around 11:15am and picked up more members, and then through Carson City (50, 530, 341, 342) and picked up more members then finally to Virginia City (Click here for the mapped Route).

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We ended with a great lunch at The Palace on 54 SC, Virginia City, 775-847-4441, What was for lunch? Click here for a menu.
Virginia City is an experience going back 150 years. Let your adventure begin with a step back in time. The 19th century mining boom turned Virginia City into the most important settlement between Denver and San Francisco; and grubby prospectors into instant millionaires. They built mansions, imported furniture and fashions from Europe and the Orient, and helped finance the Civil War… and then went on to build empires around the world. The finest example being San Francisco. Click here for information about Virgina City.