August 8, 2013

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
8 August 2013 @ McGoff Residence

  1. New Members
  2. Party Time
  3. Party Time
  4. Party Time
  5. Did I say Party Time
  6. BMW Trivia
  7. Dinner @ The McGoffs

35 in Attendance
Pat McGoff, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

  1. Two new members attended the August meeting.
  2. Jeff Warner mentioned that the Street Survival was coming up in early October and he is looking for volunteers to help with the event. Driving instructors are needed as well.
  3. The BMW trivia for the month was the Lightweight M3. If anyone knew the first year it was introduced and how much less it weighed than the M3 will win a prize. Carol Villar won a bottle of wine for getting the answer correct.
  4. Pat McGoff thanked everyone for attending the inaugural Potluck at his residence. This was the largest attendance since the club began!