June 13, 2013

Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV 13 June 2013 @ Pearce Motors AGENDA

  1. New Members
  2. Oktoberfest Update
  3. Mystery Wine Tour Recap (John Strom)
  4. The new BMW X-5 has arrived! – Re-imagined Third-Generation X5 Debuts The all-new BMW X5. A closer look.
  5. Alpina B6 BiTurbo is here (Mr. Goodfellow are you buying?) – ALPINA B6 BiTurbo first drive reviewBMW ALPINA B6 BITURBO
  6. BMW Trivia
  7. Dinner @ Bronx Pizzeria (new) 7689 S Virginia St Ste A Reno, NV 89511

29 in Attendance
Pat McGoff, President, called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm due to some technology obstacles – no computer, no internet! Thanks to John Strom (for his laptop) and Ron Nicasio (for his tethering) for saving the day!

  1. Introductions included a 1968 BMW CCA New York member, transferred from NJ May 2013 and May 2013 new members, who attended the Mystery Wine Tour the previous weekend.
  2. Octoberfest Update (August 19-25). Pat McGoff said rates would be going up on Saturday. Some events were already closed, some had wait lists, and they were up to 900 attendees. This should be an exceptional event.
  3. Mystery Wine Tour Recap (June 8 – 9) was given by John Strom while we watched a slideshow posted on the web site (click here to view) created by Carol Villar, our webmaster. The post also shows the entire trip plan in case you missed it or wanted to know exactly where they went on their 460 mile drive.
  4. John Strom also noted there was a combined event with Street Survival and the Porsche Club that is open to all people over 50 on June 18th. Ragnar Kuehnert, District Coordinator for the AARP Defensive Driving course, which is designed for seniors to help them strategize through the effects of aging such as reduced vision and hearing, slower reaction time, affect of medications on driving etc will conduct the session. Pre-registration is required, 1 to 530 pm at the National Automobile Museum, 10 South Lake Street, Reno. Cost is $12 for AARP Members and $14 for Non-Members, 775.786.3509.
  5. Pat McGoff gave an overview of the X5 which will be made in Spartanburg SC, and is the third generation since 1995. It has many new features that other manufacturers have already adopted (like the LED around the headlights) and has iDrive and Touch Drive. The first part of the BMW YouTube video, The all-new BMWmX5. A closer look., was shown. The Alpina B6 BiTurbo is back on the agenda as well. For additional information on the Alpina site click here.
  6. BMW trivia question for the month: Which was the most powerful rated auto brand in the world and what is it worth? BMW and it is worth 26.3 billion according to Forbes World’s Most Powerful Brands List and ranks ninth.
  7. Dinner tonight is at the Bronx Pizzeria (mall area where the Chevron/Terribles just closed) at 7689 S Virginia St Ste A Reno, NV 89511 . There is a set price of $16-17 which includes gratuity and will be separate billing, three pizza types, buffet and with happy hour drink price (separate). Nineteen attending.

General Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.