2017 Wine Tour

Club members were on the road again on Saturday, October 14, 2017 headed for Plymouth California.  The day dawned clear and sunny.   However, when the 25 restless drivers and passengers arrived at the Sierra Summit parking lot there was no standing around in groups drinking coffee and waiting for all the expected wine aficionados to arrive.  The wind was bitter cold (that is why in the video there are no pictures of the group at the Sierra Summit). We hit the road at the scheduled departure time of 7:45 AM.

First time wine tour members Kathy and Bob Bennett joined the group in Genoa and Bob and Linda Sanfilippo joined at the first rest stop in Carson Pass.  It was warmer at 8000 feet than in the Sierra Summit parking lot (you will see pictures from Carson Pass).  We were on time and on schedule and everything was under control for the 13 cars in the group—but that did not last.

The route leaving Carson Pass continued to SR 88 about 20 miles to the turn off onto Mormon Immigrant Trail road.  The first 7 cars in line followed the leader when he turned on to Mormon Immigrant Trail but the next 6 did not!   Three of the six took Omo Ranch Road and found their way to the first stop Amador Cellars on Shenandoah Road.  Here is where the fun starts.  The other three ended where SR 88 connects with SR 49 and headed toward Plymouth and were looking for Amador Cellars on Steiner Road because that was the address your “all knowing” tour guide put in the Itinerary (Amador Cellars is on Shenandoah Road).  But all is well that end well—all three found Amador Cellars in plenty of time to enjoy its wine before the Lunch stop at Karmere Vineyards.

Linda Long and her husband, the owners Amador Cellars, welcomed the group to a private tasting area outside of the winery public tasting room in the barrel storage warehouse.  The Weather was perfect for outside tasting of Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Barbara and Rhone valley varietals.

Then it was on to Karmere Vineyards for lunch.  Karmere reserved its outside patio for our use. Before and after lunch tasting and shopping were the order of the day in the large Karmere tasting room and gift shop.  Sampling Karmere’s  2016 vintage Zinfandel and Primavera still aging in the barrel was available to entice purchase of a future for delivery in 2018.

From Karmere we traveled up hill and down dusty dale to MaBeRa Wines where Ramona and Mario provided a fantastic setting (outside with tables and umbrellas) for tasting their wonderful wine.  Ramona displayed a BMW Club flag to welcome us (See Joyce and Cheri in front of flag in pictures on web page).  Although we had just come from lunch we all enjoyed the assorted meat, cheeses and other snacks Ramona provided to enhance the enjoyment of the six wines offered for tasting.  Ramona and Mario patiently answered questions and invited us back in 2018.

Last stop of the day was Scott Harvey Wines also a new stop for the group.  Scott Harvey arranged for us to be in a small area adjacent to public tasting area and served its award-winning Zinfandel for tasting.

After enjoying the Scott Harvey wine, the group moved on to the Shenandoah Inn to check in and prepare for the pool side party.  At the appointed hour the group assembled pool side with a bottle of their favorite wine of the day.  Party Platters from the Amador Vintage Market were waiting.  Platters included assorted artisan cheese, fruit, nuts bread & crackers; Grilled chicken, and pork tenderloin with mustard and chutney; hummus with chips and vegetables and Amador Vintage Famous Chips and salsa.  After appetites had been wetted, Pokerville Market Pizza showed up—Combination; Vegetarian; and Chicken Pesto.  Drinking Wine and visiting must make you ravenous because there was no Pizza leftover.   Cheri and Russ provide Halloween pumpkin cookies for dessert.

The adventure ended Sunday morning at what is now the traditional breakfast at Marlene & Glen’s Dead Fly Dinner.  If you have not been there you need to experience the family size single servings available from a menu that has everything. Marlene sets a table big enough for all of us.  After breakfast members found their way home some stopping first at the Amador Flower Farm, Pokerville Market or other wineries.

The tentative plan is to hold the tour on the same weekend next October—so save Saturday and Sunday October 13 &14, 2018 and join the fun.

~ De Sharp

To watch the video and trip details click here and here to view the photo gallery.