My Name is Ron Rachow

Meet Ron Rachow – Sierra Chapter Secretary

I grew up on a farm outside a small town in Michigan. I was always interested in cars and worked on the Pontiac Motors assembly line for a couple of years during the time the GTO was first introduced. I graduated from Michigan State in the mid-sixties and joined the Marines.

My first new car was a Chevy Corvair Corsa convertible with 4 single barrel carburetor and all of 140 horsepower that I sold when I left for Vietnam. After serving 12 1/2 months overseas I bought a muscle car, a Dodge Cornet with a 440 magnum engine. Really fast acceleration but not much on stopping or cornering.

I stayed in the Marines, attended law school, and retired after 20

years. Sharon and I then moved to Reno where we have lived since 1986. Sharon is a native Nevadan and her family has lived in Reno for generations. I worked for the Nevada Attorney General for a short time, the Washoe County District Attorney for 5 years, and then spent 22 years as an Assistant United States Attorney. Prior to retirement Most of my career was spent as a criminal prosecutor.

I have owned numerous cars over the years including a Rambler American, a Chevy Chevelle 2 door hardtop, a Mustang and an Olds Cutlass. I bought my first BMW, a 320i in 1981and kept it for about 15 years It was a great fun car to drive and I don’t think that model ever got the respect it deserved. My next Bimmer was a 1988 535i with a manual transmission which I owned for about 12 years. I have also had a 2001 Z3 roadster, a 2011 Z4 roadster, and currently have a 2005 and a 2013 X3. My other cars are a 2005 MB CLK 500 and a 2013 MB SL550.

I joined our club around 10 years ago and Sharon and I have greatly enjoyed the experience and comradeship of fellow members. We particularly enjoy the road trips like the annual wine tour, the Virginia City drive, and the Strom “Cabot Cove” trips. We also look forward to more fun times and fun rallies.

Since retiring I have played a lot of golf, spent a lot of time hiking, and we have been on several cruises and made several trips to Europe. We are looking forward too many more years of travel.

Additionally, I have been a SAVE volunteer for the last 3 years working 1 or 2 days a week with the Reno Police Department.

~ Ron Rachow

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