2015 Street Survival

If you didn’t get to join us Saturday, October 3rd for Street Survival you can still share our experience…

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Parental quotes: 
“Great program.” 
“Obviously experienced instructor, thank you.”
“He’s been to two other Street Survivals, and this one was the best.”

Air bag demo quotes:  “WOW!”; “Man, did you see that?”  (New objects added to the launch this year:  pickles.)

Here’s a roster of all who chipped in to make this year’s Street Survival another worthwhile event.  (Gee, I hope I didn’t leave out anyone!!!)  We had help from outside the club (denoted by an *), from our venue host, Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program… and from other individuals who care about the effort to give new drivers a better chance to survive.

Registration was manned… errr, wo-manned… by Diane Ona, Carmina Nicasio and Jackie Douglass.  We would have starved without Joyce Sharp and Sharon Rachow… okay and DeArmond for bagels and coffee first thing.

The course workers kept the flow going:  John Strom, Ed Smith, Art Ona, Duane Meyer*… plus some parental help.

Fred Watson was a moving target as the event photographer.

A HUGE thanks to all of our COACHES/VOLUNTEERS (see below)
 Sky Tavern and Captain Duane Meyer

And mostly to our fearless Leader: JEFF WARNER, without you this event would not be possible!
Thanks Parents, because you care

BMWCCA Sierra Chapter White Knuckled, Fearless Coaches (in alphabetical order):

Alex Anastassatos
Bill Henderson
Craig Eisenberg*
Dan Wink
DeArmond Sharp
Eric Rudd*
Floyd Hernandez*
Gary Balleisen
Gilbert Dayao

Greg Batchelder*
John English
JR Fent
Jim Whitfield*
Pat McGoff
Paul Georgeson
Ron Nicasio
Steve Polimeni