September 12, 2013

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
12 September 2013 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members
  2. Oktoberfest Recap
  3. Sierra Buttes Tour Recap
  4. Sierra Chapter Survey Scorecard
  5. Kars4Kids Charity Show & Shine
  6. Silver Peak dinner for October (dinner or lunch menu)
  7. BMW Trivia
  8. Q & A
  9. Street Survival Coaches’ Meeting
  10. Dinner @ La Vecchia Italian Bistro

39 in Attendance
Pat McGoff, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

  1. Four new members attended the September meeting and a guest.
  2. August 19 – 25 Monterey Historics/Oktoberfest. President Pat McGoff gave a short overview and Carol Villar also had a video. The attendance was massive compared to previous years. Most of the events were sold out before that week. Click here to view the video.
  3. July 27 – Sierra Buttes Tour. Carol Villar showed a video of the event. It was a really great trip. Click here to view the video.
  4. September 08 – Kars For Kids Charity Event – Gilbert Dayao – nonsanctioned event. Gilbert Dayao, Community Involvement board member, and Jeff Warner, Driving Events Coordinator, gave a recap of the event, which was very successful. The Chevy Club won with 26 cars present; there were very few from our club. Gilbert said the fund raiser made just short of $41,000 this year.
  5. Pacific Region Survey. Pat McGoff commented on the survey that was done by members, and thanked those of us who had participated in the survey. The Sierra Chapter was first in the Pacific Region and 31st out of the 76 BMW CCA chapters. Click here to view the survey results.
  6. October Dinner. Pat McGoff said dinner would be at the original location for Silver Peak Restaurant and Brewery, 124 Wonder Street (and Holcomb), (775) 324-1864. More information is here.  Click here for the dinner menu.
  7. Trivia. The i8 BMW is coming out in less than two months. What is the cost? Answer: $136K. Graeme Price was the winner.

General Meeting ended at 6:35 pm to allow for comments and Street Survival Orientation Meeting.

  1. After meeting comments:
    1. Dinner at LaVecchia: 15
    2. Bob Merrill said his car was gone already, and he was moving back east. He just wanted to say thank you and good bye.
    3. DeArmond Sharp said other chapter newsletters were available.
    4. Steve Polimeni commented on Purple Slice. It comes in a spray bottle, is an easy wipe off and amazing to clean and wax in one. Information on the history is available at: and seven Reno/Sparks availability locations.
  2. October 05 – Street Survival – Mt Rose Ski Resort.  Jeff Warner currently had 15 students signed up and was not sure there would be more than that.  For 2014 there will be a test on the web site, Click here to open the PDF file and follow the instructions   It is all about liability, which we know can be an issue.  Take it when you can and give feedback.  It is not required for volunteers this year.

    The Manual is available.  Remember to use regular street talk with kids; they have a short attention span.  We are like parents, they do not want to listen.  A smile comes across their face after a while except for usually one or two – either the timid or the cocky personalities.  There is an occasional mismatch of personalities with the student and the coach.  If so, a change will be made.  Sometimes the parents are also difficult since it can be a long 10 hour day.  No car systems are to be turned off; all controls will be left on.  Soap and water will be done one more time.

    Cars will go through tech – first come, first served.  Hood and trunk are included and seating position will be discussed at that time as well as rear view mirrors and other items.  Be sure to leave the window down.  We will arrive at 7 am and the kids will be arriving at 730 am.  Need help for lunch from Einstein’s and there will be bagels and coffee first thing.  Registration help is needed.  Must have a signed waiver from all people present; it will be done inside the lodge again this year.

Orientation session ended at 7:07 pm.