April 11, 2019

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
11 April 2019 @ Pearce Motors


  1. New Members & Membership Update
  2. Future Upcoming Events for 2019
    1. Virginia City Tour
    2. Cars and Calories @ Intrepid
    3. Berlin State Park
    4. Nevada City
  3. BMW Briefs
  4. BMW Trivia
  5. Q&A?
  6. Dinner @  Napa -Sonoma South ( 7671 S. Virginia St in Reno) (click here for menu) following the meeting.


There were 24 club members present. President Mart Jaama presided over the meeting. He emphasized his hope we could get more members of the club involved in our activities and encouraged the solicitation of new ideas for club activities.

  1. MEMBERSHIP: Fred Watson reported the club gained three new members and five renewals during the past month.
    1. The Virginia City drive will be held on May 11th. John English will again lead the tour. Lunch will be at the Palace in Virginia City at 12:30.
    2. The Berlin Ghost Town Tour will be on June 15th. Mart Jaama will lead and provide more details later as he finalizes plans.
    3. John Strom reported the Nevada City Tour is calendared for July 20th. Details and information are posted on the club web site. Cost will be $24.00 per person for lunch.
    1. John Strom presented the briefs. He first showed a video on factors involved in establishing 0-60 times for vehicles including weight, tires, road surfaces, and engine power and how they work together to establish a time.
    2. BMW and Mercedes are co-developing electric vehicle. By working together they are saving billions in development costs of the vehicle. BMW plans to have their version for sale in 2021 with Mercedes coming 1-2 years later.
    3. BMW is planning to discontinue the V-12 engine in 2023 due to lack of demand.
    4. A video of the new 3 Series was shown highlighting the numerous upgrades and safety features which are too numerous to list here. (You can find many videos on these cars by researching 2019 BMW 3 series on the internet).
    5. The BMW iNEXT electric vehicle is targeted to start in 2021. It will have a 400 mile range, a vegan friendly interior, and level 3 self driving capability.
    Question: What is unique about the orange 2002 on display at the BMW MUSEUM? Answer: it was built entirely from spare parts.
  5. DINNER. After the meeting many members joined for dinner at Napa Sonoma South.