2012 Street Survival

If you didn’t get to join us Saturday, October 6th for Street Survival you can still share our experience…

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This what Parents and Students said they liked best:

Parents said: “Thanks” “It was great” “Impressed with quality of coaches” “Impressed with course layouts and hand-on learning experience” “I was texting friends about it before it was finished” Students said: “Too early, too cold” “Classroom stuff was just right” “Didn’t want to stop”

Others quotes: Mike Dietel: “Good group of young drivers”… “Even with soap and water, it’s hard to get these newer cars to misbehave.” Anon: “Who does that guy think he is, a rock star or something?”  (Answer: Well, actually HE IS!”) Brandon Villar: “I really want to do this… in my dad’s M!” A HUGE thanks to all of our COACHES/VOLUNTEERS (see below), Sierra Fire Protection District – Station 38, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, All Points Towing, And mostly to our fearless Leader: JEFF WARNER, without you this event would not be possible! Thanks Parents, because you care Sierra Chapter White Knuckled, Fearless Coaches (in alphabetical order):

DeArmond Sharp Gary Balleisen Jeff Neilson John John English Keegan Low Kevin Sheridan Lex AnastassatosJeff Warner (our fearless leader)Mark Bartholomew Mario Callegari Mario Villar Prentiss Davis Ron Rachow Russ Huntoon Scott Heitzenrader Shane LeesMike Dietel (Driving Advisor)


Volunteer Course Workers* Andy Carpenter* Art Ona* Bernie Breynes* Brandon Villar* Ed Smith* Everett Long* Frank Himler* Jerry McGowan* Young Miss Sheridan* Young Mr Callegari* Will Scott*Admin Carol Villar (Photographer) Cheri Huntoon Dianne Ona Joyce Sharp Sharon Goodrich Sharon Rachow