2018 5th Annual Family Picnic

If you didn’t get to join us Sunday, August12th at the Annual Family you can still share our experience (then you may want to join us on our next event!).

On Sunday, August 12th, the Sierra Chapter of BMWCCA held its annual picnic at ArrowCreek Residence Center from noon to 3pm. The Club had 36 members and family members show up for this annual event. This was the highest attendance since the annual picnics began 5 years ago. This is the first time the picnic has been held on Sunday which may be the reason we got so many members to attend.

Along with the picnic, Mart Jaama, with the help of John Strom, held a Motor Show & Shine. You might remember last year we had a Car Show and Shine, so Mart changed it up this year and gave out several fun awards for several categories of motor cleanliness.

The weather was perfect this year with no wind. Fred Watson provided the sausage for the event and the club provided hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas and water. Members provided the potluck sides so there was plenty of food to go around. The pool was available to the members so a few of the children got to take a dip. We again would like to thank the ArrowCreek HOA for allowing us to have the venue at the Recreation Center at no cost. Thanks to John and Mart for making the Show and Shine a fun time.

If any members have any suggestions for a new venue next year, we are always looking for new sites to have the picnic. We also can use some help cooking and clean-up. So if you are a home chef, let us know and we’ll put you to work. Until next year.

~ Pat McGoff