2018 Engine Concours at Annual Picnic

The Show & Shine at the club’s annual family picnic had a bit of a twist this year as Mart Jaama and John Strom conducted an “Engine Concours” instead of the usual simple car display.  It was fun!

Everyone who showed up in a BMW “had to participate” so as they parked Mart and John made sure they opened their hoods to expose the beautiful BMW engine. In all, 11 BMWs competed for four “trophies” – Cleanest, Dirtiest, Most Custom and People’s Choice.   Participants included two X3s, two X5s, two 325s, 135, Z4, M5, M3 and 850 – from classic and turbocharged six-cylinders to a honking X5M twin-turbo V-8 to a V-12.   So how did they fair?

The Cleanest award went to Alice Strom for her 2012 X3 (…guess who really cleaned this engine up?); Dirtiest was awarded to Ron Rachow for his ’05 X3 (…he said he didn’t know he would be judged);  Most Customized to John English and his ’09 135i (…John said it was that way when he bought it); and the people cast the most votes for Burcak Erenoglu’s 2013 X5M (…you can never have too much power, right?).   Thanks to Mart Jaama (’93 850i), John Strom (’03 M3), De Sharp (’15 X5d), Paul Hollenbeck (’01 325), Fred Watson (’99 325i), Jim Johns (’12 Z4) and Jim Goodfellow (’95 M5) for also displaying their engines.

Now, what do you suppose Mart and John will come up with next year?

~John Strom