2013 Eids of May Road Rally

Eids of May Road Rally (Via Coetus)

This is not a Sierra Chapter sponsored event and BMW CCA rules and insurance are not applicable. Members are welcome to participate, but doing so is a private decision and does not involve Sierra Chapter BMW CCA.

Eids of May Road Rally

It’s hard to believe but the Eids of May are almost upon us.  Most people are unfamiliar with this lesser Roman festival as it was oft overshadowed by the Eids of March.  As we all know the Eids of March were actually a pre Roman New Year celebration centered around the God Jupiter and had little to do with Caesar’s assassination until Bill Shakespeare tied the two together.  But following the Eids of March every year in Rome on the first Saturday in May the Roman’s held a great Via Coetus to celebrate the great military campaign launched by the Roman General Humongous Schlung.  General Schlung led a bold and gallant cavalry charge of 10,000 chariots overland in an attempt to crush the defiant Persians in one swift action.  Unfortunately, Schlung and his band of charioteers were never heard from again and apparently never reached the Persian Empire.  In fact, no trace of the massive military unit has ever been found.  All we are left with today are the little known and celebrated Roman holiday and the last words of General Humongous Schlung, “Orbis Terrarum Loco Systemati Sunt Pro Retardatae!”

So it is in the spirit of the ancient Romans that we celebrate the Eids of May with our own Via Coetus to be held on Saturday May 4th, 2013 (MMXIII).

The Start will take place at the C&C Automotive, Sierra Auto Sport, Sierra Invisible Shield Building at 1645 Crane Way in Sparks.  Sign in from 7:45 to 8:15 AM, rules meeting at 8:15 sharp.

Entry Fee; $37 per car and includes prizes and a pretty decent lunch in a comfortable setting.  Prize money will be awarded if we cover our expenses.

Format: A very beginner level Time Speed and Distance (TSD) or more appropriately Tempus Velocitas et Distantia

2 Elective classifications; SOP and unequipped. SOP stands for “Seat of the Pants” which means you intend to wing it the whole way with no equipment or preparation.  Unequipped means, you can only use the speedometer and odometer installed in your car, speed tables and a watch.  All appropriate speed tables will be provided for those who are interested.  Calculators will be allowed but scoffed at. Slide rules and TSD speed scales will not only be allowed, but we will just hand you the trophy if you show up with one and you know how to use it.  The real rallyist will use an analog watch, but digital watches and stop watches are perfectly acceptable.  No cars may use rally computers, computers or programmable calculators of any kind.  NO GPS!

Recommended equipment: Three pencils, a clip board, a watch, a calculator.  You may also need some spending money, chewing gum, left over Easter candy and a postage stamp.

Call or write Rally Master Jay at 775-848-4788 for additional information

Futuis Velocitas Terminum!