September 26, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

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The Sierra Chapter Board met on September 26, 2020 at 11:00a.m. at Napa Sonoma South to determine a slate of candidates to lead the club over the next two years. Mart Jaama had resigned as President and thus the meeting was conducted by Pat McGoff who replaced Mart. The only club business conducted was preparing a slate of candidates.

Members present:

  • Pat McGoff, President
  • Ron Rachow, Secretary
  • DeArmond Sharp, Treasurer
  • Fred Watson, Membership
  • Russ and Cheri Huntoon, Events Coordinators
  • Carol Villar, Web Mistress (attending by Zoom)
  • John Strom, Member-at-Large (attending by Zoom)

The following slate was prepared for presentation to the club membership in October with voting to be conducted in November. Anonymous voting on line for officers is planned at this time.

  • President: Lance Taylor-Warren
  • Vice President: John English
  • Secretary: Ron Rachow
  • Treasurer: DeArmond Sharp
  • Members at large:
    John Strom
    Mike Dietel
  • Events coordinators: Russ and Cheri Huntoon
  • Membership: Fred Watson
  • Web Mistress: Carol Villar

If any other member is interested in being a candidate for club leadership, please contact any club officer.

Pat McGoff will be on the board as past President.

The next monthly meeting will be October 8th at Brick’s restaurant.