Member Looking to Find New People to Become Members

2009 BMW 335i convertibleA lot of times I find myself talking to friends about the fun times (and funny times) that come from belonging to this club.  Very often, the person that I share with will say, “who put that together?”  And I tell them, “the BMW Car Club”.  Some say, “I have a BMW. I should join”.  Others say, “damn. Maybe I should buy a BMW. You guys sound like fun.”  

Either way, the interest level is there because we have great adventures and it gives us great stories to share.  That’s pretty much what we’re about.  Yes, we do nice things in the community.  Yes, we circle the wagons around our love of the brand.  But also, and more than anything, it’s about the adventures that we get to have as friends through this organization. 

Kudos to all those that help to organize our events/outings.  I’m always amazed and proud of the way that our outings play out.  Never any issues related to the personalities, never anything out of the ordinary or unplanned.  Just well organized, planned, and implemented.  And that’s awesome.  

My day job is working with service related companies here in Reno related to their online marketing.  There’s nothing like trying to write sales copy for a Reno plumbing company all day.  Not exactly the most exciting thing to write about.  So when I need a break from it, I can either jump in my little 335i and go for a drive, or visit our website and smile while I reminisce about our adventures.

So my point is this (about membership).  It’s really easy to talk up this club.  We are a big club because of our great people.  Kudos to all the leadership for their contributions!