January 10, 2013

Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
10 January 2013 @ Pearce Motors

  1. Holiday Party Thank-You
  2. New Members
  3. List of Sierra BMWCCA Officers
  4. Reno Tahoe Concours presented by Steve Mashour
  5. Event Ideas presented by John Strom
  6. Pearce BMW stipend for Club purchases/leases/used cars
  7. BMWCCA Rewards for BMW purchases/leases
  8. BMWCCA Regional Meeting 2/1-3
  9. BMW Trivia
  10. Dinner @ La Vecchia

23 in Attendance

Pat McGoff, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

  1. Pat thanked all for the holiday party, including Carol and Mario Villar, JoAnn and Pat McGoff, Cheri and Russ Huntoon along with Joyce Sharp and Sharon Rachow (the latter helped set up the party this year).
  2. New members were introduced.  They had attended the November meeting and the Christmas party.
  3. Pat provided an agenda for the meeting and also the email and contact numbers for new officers. (For contact information got to the Our Team page)

President – Pat McGoff
Vice President – John English
Secretary – Dody Gustafson
Treasurer/Legal Counsel – DeArmond Sharp
Past President – Art Ona
Member-at-Large – Mike Dietel
Driving Events – Jeff Warner
Newsletter – John Strom
Community Involvement – Gilbert Dayao and Melissa Nicholas
Webmaster – Carol Villar
Membership Chairman – Sharon Goodrich
Events Coordinators – Russ and Cheri Huntoon

  1. A few of the changed items included moving it from Friday to Sunday. Price lowered and more spectators. No parking at Montreaux; may use a shuttle from Galena. Possibly only three judges and six or seven classifications. Jeff Warner and Gilbert Dayao said it would be best to shoot for 100 cars and hope for 60 to attend. Practice hole by the driving range would be used. Jeff Warner suggested finding vendors to provide food and beverages with no deduction from money raised. Boys and Girls Clubs were going to assist.
  2. John Strom had event folders with all the forms needed. One event that was being planned was a June 8, Saturday, Mystery Wine Tour. Meet at 8 am and would be told where the group would be going. Roads are fantastic, about 180 miles, new wineries that have won awards, a picnic and overnight stay. Probably only 12 cars will be going. Porsche club did it last year and no one guess the place. Gilbert Dayao would be doing a couple of tech sessions and the regular wine trip in September also. Kars for Kids would be the second Sunday in September, and also the Virginia City Drive.
  3. Pat McGoff talked with Mike Freitas, Sales Manager, and there will be a $250 stipend for bought leased and used cars. Last year we had $1000 in stipends which was used to support the Holiday Party.
  4. Pat McGoff also mentioned the Roundel advertised for National that there were rewards from $500 to $1500 on purchase or lease of a vehicle. USAA also offered rewards. If there were other organizations that offered rewards for car purchases, please let us know.
  5. Pacific Regional Conference will be at the SFO Crown Plaza February 1 through 3 and the four slots per chapter will be attended by Pat McGoff, John English, John Strom, and Sharon Goodrich.
  6. The Monterey Oktoberfest will be after the Concours Historics on August 19 and Hyatt rooms are now open for reservations if you plan to attend.
  7. Trivia each month will be done. Pat McGoff said that BMW sold more cars in November 2012 than any other month in their history. They also beat out Mercedes Benz to total cars sold last year by 7000. Check out the article BMW says November best month ever.
  8. Jim Goodfellow would like to hear ideas to revitalize our cars. He found that changing a BMW catalytic converter to a non-California converter upped mileage by 6 mph.
  9. Pat McGoff talked with Alberto at LaVecchia. We will have the private room every other month (January, March, May etc) and other locations between those times. Ling & Louies in February and then others. August will be a picnic at Pat McGoff’s house – potluck and fine wines. Dinner count looked like about 14.


General Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.