November 14, 2013

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
14 November2013 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members
  2. Q&A?
  3. Discuss Xmas/Holiday Party
  4. Discuss events for 2014
  5. New X5 presentation @ Bill Pearce
  6. Dinner @ La Vecchia Italian Bistro

33 in Attendance
John English, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

  1. New Members/Guests:  Jeff Warner introduced a guest from Frankfurt; he asked the sales rep to give her a free car since she was from Germany.  (It did not work, but worth a try.)
  2. Member Q&A Session:
    1. A member asked for information and opinions on run flats; his new car has them.  Several had the run flats and there were no problems; most important point was to not exceed 55 mph or they would overheat and you could end up stranded.  (Note:  Pearce has a run flat brochure in the service lounge area.)
    2. Another member brought a replaced brake pad.  He had heard a rattling sound and could not figure it out.  Buying cheap parts with smaller end tips on them is not a good idea.  Get the best parts, not the cheapest ones, or you will pay much more in the long run.
    3. Another member asked how we might connect with other groups for our events.
    4. Jeff Warner mentioned the BMW CCA membership survey that probably showed up in your mail box today.  It was important to take the survey as the results will mean that this area is interested in BMW CCA and has specific likes and dislikes.  Be precise, but take the survey within the next few days.
    5. John Strom said the tech session would be held at our January 2014 meeting.  The information provided is very valuable for us as BMW owners.  We will see the results of the $130,000 spent on technical training each year.
  3.  Christmas Party:  DeArmond Sharp was available to accept the $30 per person payment in cash if exact pay or a check.  Otherwise it could be mailed to him at his office at 71 Washington Street, Reno 89503.  De thought the money would need to be received about a week in advance.  Carol Villar would be sending out information that was more detailed.
  4. Event Suggestions for 2014: 
    1. A member suggested an overnight to Bodie State Historic Park (Ghost Town) outside Bridgeport CA.  It is now paved; no camping inside the very well preserved park.  Bishop, CA could be an overnight stop.  He would work on lodging and dates. For information on Bodie go to .
    2. DeArmond Sharp suggested the Barbera Festival at Cooper Ranch in the Shenandoah Valley (Amador County).  It was on Saturday, June 8, this year, 11 am to 4 pm, and included many wineries.  You have to buy your own ticket and hotel.  Signups start on line in March.  Tickets were $40 and must be purchased online in advance. No tickets are available at the gate. The event is expected to sell out quickly.  It will be held on Saturday, June 14, 2014.  For more information go to
    3. DeArmond Sharp said the Amador wine tour would be late September as usual, date to be determined.
    4. Jeff Warner said yes, he did have a Duck Dynasty hat, but he felt we should work on being serious about Gilbert’s Show and Shine next year.  They give away $1000 to the largest attendance group and our chapter could use that money.  This year there were 29 Chevys for the winners and the second car group had 26 cars.  Our chapter had very few and if we went all out we could easily have 30 to 40 cars.  It is a full day of raffle and auction items, picnic relaxation, kids fun groups and many other things.  It is the second Sunday in September each year.  (In 2014 that will be September 14.)  Cost is $25 to display your car and the benefits of the day go to the Sky Tavern Kids Ski Program.
  5. BMW New X5 Presentation – John Strom.
  6. Dinner is at LaVecchia Italian Bistro.

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm to head downstairs and view the 2014 model that had just arrived.