October 9, 2014

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
9 October 2014 @ Pearce Motors

  1.  New Members & Membership Update
  2. Upcoming Events: Holiday Party
  3. Event Videos & Slideshows
    1. Sierra Buttes
    2. Chapter Picnic
    3. Kars For Kids
    4. Wine Tour
  4. Street Survival Recap
  5. BMW Safety Features
  6. BMW 1 Series Sedan – Really??
  7. BMWCCA Digital Newsletter
  8. BMW Trivia
  9. Q&A?
  10. Dinner @ Famous Dave’s BBQ (4925 Kietzke Lane)

30 in Attendance

General Meeting: Pat McGoff, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

  1. Guests:  No guests tonight and no new members this past month (according to BMW CCA report).   A Sacramento Member and now in MinGard area, is still trying to get moved to Sierra Chapter. Longstanding BMW CCA member, attending for first time has three BMW cars and two motorcycles. 
  2. Upcoming Events.  
    1. Holiday Party.  DeArmond Sharp said it will be the second Thursday of December, regular meeting date, with cocktails at his house around 5:30 pm.  Dinner will be at Bricks Restaurant and Wine Bar, 1695 South Virginia Street, which is not that far from his house.  The menu is still being finalized.  Cost to members will remain at $30.
  3. BMW Chapter Support.  Sierra Chapter has received $750 so far this year from Bill Pearce for new cars.  This is important funding for the chapter and the work we do throughout each year.
  4. Street Survival Recap.  Jeff Warner said we got an overall profit of $295 this year.  The funding comes from Tire Rack, Michelin and others. 
          Many items were discussed for this year’s event on October 4.  Most did prefer Mount Rose since it has more space.  Sky Tavern was a tight course and it was important to walk it once.  The oval track was too close.  The east parking lot at Mt Rose is horrible so can not use it.  With the storage work being done at Mt Rose it is hoped the lot will be repaved.  Jeff would like all comments on Sky Tavern during the Street Survival event and he would relay them to Bill Henderson. 
           “It’s more than driving – it’s about living!” is the tag line for Street Survival and all 22 students seemed to be very involved in learning all they could this year.  As far as Jeff noted, there were no students who had “an attitude” this year.  Registering with students in the cars worked better and was more thorough than having a separate table to start.  There were no incidents or close calls, just several orange cones rather brutalized. 
           NHP Trooper Chuck Allen was the guest speaker during the lunch break and he observed an hour or so of the training done.  If there are more comments – positive or negative – on the school this year, please contact Jeff Warner at [email protected].
  5. Wine Tour Video.  Since the TV was gone and being used downstairs by Pearce to do some updating and training, Carol Villar will be asked to send out a link to all members. Or click here, links to other videos appear at the top in the agenda. (You can see all the event videos by clicking Events under the Stuff in the website menu.)
  6. BMW Safety Features.  Since 2009 collision has been highlighted by BMW.  There are 32 computers in the car with a fiberoptic backbone.  BMW Assist in 2009 began sending out 911 calls automatically and GPS also gives the location.  Agenda article had details:  Safety Systems.
  7.  BMW 1 Series Sedan Spied.  Pat McGoff had another BMW CCA Roundel Weekly article attached to the agenda on a possible sighting: Spied: Baby Bimmer Set For A Come Back.
  8. BMW Digital Newsletter.  Pat McGoff said the Sierra Chapter newsletter will be going digital starting with the first quarter of 2015.  The next one will be the last mailed.  There are about 160 members and all have emails except 13 members. Carol Villar will try to get their emails but if not they will have their newsletters mailed.  Members may also opt out of the newsletter which will be all color and other options to expand it from the four pages it is now. 
            John Strom said it costs about $200 per quarter to publish it in black and white.  Carol Villar will do the web page for us and will put together the newsletter too.  The BMW Magazine is also digital and on line now as BMW Magazine Digital, with completely new editions released each March and September.
  9. Trivia.  Q:  Who exports the most cars from the US?  A:  BMW from Spartanburg SC.  They are also doing a $1 billion expansion which will increase Xs from 300K to 450K.  About 70 percent go out of the US.
  10. Dinner at Famous Dave’sLooked like 22 attending.

General Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.