From your new Pres

Greetings my fellow BMW club members,

As you know I have become your new club president for the Sierra BMW CCA chapter.  I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and the role you have granted me.  I have many hopes that this year will be just as successful if not more in our endeavors.  My hopes this year is to grow our programs and build a stronger community base in the Northern Sierra.  I know that we can accomplish these with the amazing team we have. Though I promise that we may work hard to grow our club and help our community we will have just as much fun if not more, and still continue our traditions.  I want you to all be aware that I want to be an avenue for all of you to have a positive experience in the club this year and I am just phone call away if you need anything. 

Just as the famous engineers at BMW say they don’t build cars rather the ultimate driving experience, let us construct our ultimate club experience.  

Ron Nicasio