March 12, 2015

Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
12 March 2015 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members & Membership Update (Sharon)
  2. Upcoming Events for 2015
  3. Steve Dinan moves to Ganassi
  4. BMW Performance School West
  5. BMW Genius (click here for the Fortune magazine article)
  6. Michelin No-Air Tires
  7. Napa-Sonoma Restaurant (new)
  8. BMW Trivia
  9. Q&A?
  10. Dinner @ La Vecchia Italian Bistro

24 in Attendance

General Meeting:

  1. New Members & Membership Update (Sharon)
    1. One new member
    2. One existing member first time attendance
  2. Upcoming Events for 2015
    1. First event coming up May 16 Virginia City Tour
    2. Make sure you sign up for a room for the Sierra Wine Tour. Rooms fill up quickly.
  3. Steve Dinan moves to Ganassi Racing
    1. Surprising move after 36 years
  4. BMW Performance School West
    1. Review of maps and single day ($1550) and two day pricing ($3500)
  5. BMW Genius
    1. Travis Spencer is the new Bill Pearce BMW Genius and comes to Bill Pearce four times a week and is available to answer questions.
    2. Useful if you are looking to purchase a new car or need help with repairs.
    3. May be good with older cars that need work as well but primarily newer car questions/answers
  6. Michelin No-Air Tires
    1. Rumor is that BMW may be testing them with their X series SUVs
  7. Napa-Sonoma Restaurant (new)
    1. We will be trying this new place next month
    2. Mike Dietel found it for us
    3. Separate checks are allowed
    4. Napatizers, Entres and Pizzas
  8. BMW Trivia
    1. Question: What is the largest market for BMW? Answer: China
    2. Question: What is the knockoff BMW company in China called? Answer: Brilliance
  9. Incline Village carpool suggested
  10. Fernley race track update – It has officially closed due to foreclosure (bank now owns)
  11. SCCA is offering PDX at the track north of Sacramento since Fernley closed
  12. Suggested that we sponsor a club event next year in October 2016 for the BMWCCA Ocktoberfest. It is the 100th year of BMW. This will be a very special event.
  13. Q&A? None
  14. Dinner @ La Vecchia Italian Bistro