RSVPing for a Club Event

rsvpWe are trying to make RSVPing for Club Events easier and have put together what is hopefully a simpler and easier-to-use Event RSVP process.

New Process:
Instead of sending an invitation through the Gmail calendar (which some folks are having an issue with) and then sending a separate “evite” to get potluck signups, etc. we will simply send an email with the link to the RSVP page for the event.  Complete the form and you are ready to go.  NOTE: THIS WILL NOT ADD THE EVENT TO YOUR CALENDAR, you will have to add it manually. All of our events will still appear on our website calendar. I have created two examples for you to look at on our TEST site: 
Example 1: September Chapter Meeting (  which only requires an RSVP.
Example 2: The Holiday Party ( which requires a food sign up.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]