2017 Street Survival

Greetings to all my Street Survivor fans!

It has been several months now since pulling off the Street Survival 2017 event on October 7th. I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank all those volunteers who showed up to help – you were all “Rock Stars!”  A special thanks to the in-car coaches from the SCCA who showed up to assist, you guys got rave reviews from your assigned students. Please pass on my gratitude to Carol Deborde for getting the word out to her club.

As luck would have it, the weather gods shone down on the event all day and provided us with almost 80 degrees and plenty of Reno sunshine on an early October day, it was just great to be outdoors. We had 20 enthusiastic students from lots of different places; Petaluma, Cameron Park, San Jose, Nevada City, and Alpine Meadows in California, Sparks and Reno in Nevada. It just blows me away how far some people will travel to get to this event – a true testament to the cause if you will. I would also mention that 15 of the 20 students required a “Minor Release.” My hats off to their parents for ensuring a valuable lesson in their children’s driver education.

I realize that some of you reading this article may not be very impressed by the meager number of 20 students out of what feels like a bazillion number of young drivers on the road today. Personally speaking, if I get one student to be a better driver then I’m way ahead of the game. And I can safely say that our volunteer coaches and staff pretty much feel the same way. If you haven’t participated in the past then I highly encourage you to check it out, we would love to see you next year in any capacity.

I would also like to mention my gratitude to the Reno Police Department for sending Motorcycle Officer Ben Lancaster to answer student questions, to SAIA LTL Freight (Craig, Shannon and Jonah) for providing an 18-wheeler so students could understand what it is like to drive one these from a vision standpoint, and to retired WCSO Deputy Kimberly Myers for her inspirational message to our students.

~Steve Polimeni, Driving Events Coordinator

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