2012 Cabot Cove

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If you didn’t get to join us Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 18th – 20th for the Sierra Foothills Wine Tour you can still share our experience…

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Coastal Cruise to Cabot Cove!
From our 2012 April-June Sierra Scene (pdf)
On a beautiful, sunny day the BMWs left Reno for a 2-day “cruise” to Cabot Cove (…the fictional name for Mendocino, CA, where the television series Murder She Wrote was filmed). Over the mountain to California we sped (…with a bit of road work delay) to our first night destination – the Courtyard Marriott in Larkspur Landing. The fun really began when we all met in the courtyard for a cocktail party before dinner. Delicious snacks, mellow wine and great company set a festive mood. Tour hosts John and Alice Strom, Sharon and Ron Rashow, Joann and Pat McGoff, Diane and Art Ona, Rita Lencioni, Mary Esposito and Jim Goodfellow chatted and told stories until it was time to stroll down to the Marin Brewing Company for more conviviality and dinner. A short walk back in the moonlight and “goodnights” all around ended day one.

At 9 AM sharp, cars gassed up and everyone fed, we began our journey around Mount Tamilpius and north along the coast on Cal Route One. It was one of those wonderful fog and mist free mornings. Spring flowers were out in massive displays of color – purple sweet pea, white calla lilies and Queen Anne’s Lace, yellow Scottish broom and buttercups. Snowy white egrets waded in the salt marshes. Seals basked in the sunshine. The road was filled with other groups enjoying the fine weather and fun road. We drove with a bunch of classic cars participating in a drive as part of a Marin Concours. We dodged hundreds of bicyclists participating in the Marin Century race. We were dazzled by the Ferrari Owners Group of incredible, wildly expensive, mostly red exotic cars. Before we knew it we had arrived at the Timber Cove Inn, our lunch stop. After a leisurely lunch overlooking the scenic coastline, we paused for a group picture and then were on our way once more. The afternoon brought us more sweeping vistas, beaches tucked in between cliff faces, and roads with wonderful corners and long tempting straightaways. Shady avenues of cedar and cyprus trees twisted between deer, wild turkeys, and signs for BBQ Oysters.

By late afternoon we reached our destination. Some folks stopped to enjoy Mendocino while others headed for their rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Fort Bragg. Another cocktail party ensued as everyone gathered on the patio of Alice and John’s room. The view of the Pacific, the Fort Bragg bridge and a bucolic gorge provided the backdrop. Soon it was time to hop back into the cars for the short drive to Silver’s at the Wharf for a sumptuous seafood dinner. As the sun set over the water we relaxed and enjoyed the company of good friends. Thanks to all who participated and made this event most memorable!

by Alice Strom