Message from your Editor

The time seems to pass to quick as we get a little older. Here it is heading into the last quarter of 2017. It seems like the participation in the events is increasing, but at a snail’s pace. We need you to help the club grow and prosper. It would be great to have you step up and join The Faithful Few.


When the meeting’s called to order
And you look around the room,
You’re sure to see some faces
That from out the shadows loom.
They are always at the meeting
And they’ll stay until it’s through –
The ones that I would mention
Are the always faithful few.

They fill the many offices
And are always on the spot,
No matter what the weather,
Through it may be awfully hot.
It may be dark and rainy,
But they are tried and true –
The ones that you rely on
Are the always faithful few.

There are lots of worthy members,
Who will come when in the mood
everything’s convenient
They can do a little good.
They’re a factor in the meeting
And are necessary too –
But the ones who never fail us
Are the always faithful few.

If it were not for these faithful,
Whose shoulders at the wheel
Keep our organization moving,
Without a halt or reel.
What should be the fate of meetings,
Where we claim so much to do –
They surely would be failures
If we lacked the faithful few.

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