October 13, 2011

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV

13 October 2011 @ Pearce Motors
25 in Attendance

Guests: None

Art Ona, President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM.

  1. Mike Dietel gave an overview of the Fernley Car Control Clinic on Sunday, October 9.  There were 36 cars and the weather was ideal.  Participants were driving Mercedes, Audi, Mini, Subaru, Porsche, Corvette and BMWs.  Will try to find “orphan days” at the track, then there would be maybe two or three next year.
  2. A Board meeting for 2012 Events will be held at 5 pm before the November meeting.
  3. Christmas Dinner – Thursday, December 8, 6 pm.  Need the check no later than the November meeting for $36 per person.  Checks should be made out to Sierra BMW.
  4. Sierra Foothill/Lincoln County Wine Trip – September 16 and 17.   DeArmond Sharp said it was a great time and went as planned.  Murphy’s visit was a one time stop.  Carol Villar had a PowerPoint presentation of the tour.  There were 13 cars and 25 people.
  5. Jeff Warner – Driving Events.
    a.  Boreal was not cooperative for a Street Survival Driving School and Sacramento would be a good group to do it together.  Mr Rose is a perfect venue, just need more participants.  Jeff Warner wanted to have Pearce move involved and felt that the $75 fee being reduced or removed would get more involved.  Other schools were free, this one was not – but the results from the full day by the students showed on their faces that they learned a lot.  To make it worthwhile 30 students are needed as well as 15 instructors.  Mt Rose has been very cooperative for the program.  Would like it held during the first three weeks of September; other activities and school are less likely to be an issue at that time.  Dody Gustafson suggested contacting Homeowner Associations and check into attending meetings and/or putting articles in newsletters if they have them.  Jeff would work on that next spring.
    b.  Monterey events were visited by Jeff Warner with Gary Balleisen and Paul Beacham.  Really great cars.
    c.  Car Control at Fernley was a really good event.  Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Mustang and two Corvettes from their clubs were in attendance.  It was put on by Pro Control and Mike Dietel.  The $175 price is really good.  He would work on increasing attendance for next time.
  6. Dinner would be at Los Compadres:  20 would attend.

General Meeting adjourned at 650 pm.