May 12, 2016

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Sierra Chapter BMW Car Club – Reno, NV
12 May 2016 @ Pearce Motors

  1. New Members & Membership Update (Sharon)
  2. Upcoming Events for 2016
  3. New BMW Z5 to replace Z4?
  4. BMW Cruise M Bike
  5. BMW making Olympic Race Wheelchair
  6. EPA approves BMW diesel
  7. BMW Briefs
  8. BMW Trivia
  9. Q&A?
  10. Dinner @ Napa-Sonoma Restaurant

24 in Attendance

  1. We got our first $250 check for the year from Mike Freitas. A new member this month, bought a car from Bill Pearce.
  2. New Members & Membership Update (Pat) -2 new members joined this month. Charla Baubel was one of the members that joined. Her husband Jim died of brain cancer last year.
  3. Upcoming Events for 2016
    1. De Sharp has a list of wine competition winners to consider for the upcoming wine tour and we will have it posted to the website.
    2. Reminder to the club to check the calendar of events on the website for upcoming events
    3. Next major club event (after Cabot Cove) is the Virginia City drive on June 25.
    4. Coastal Cruise to Cabot Cove – Weekend of May 13th for three-days
      1. Contact John Strom to register for the event by Thursday, April 28th if interested in going.
      2. Single sheet handout was provided during the meeting for those that are interested.
      3. Two seat have opened up if anyone is still interested in registering.
    5. For the September 24th wine tour, club members can call the Shenandoah Inn to reserve a room any time now.
    6. The tickets for the July 14th Aces baseball game will be $31 tickets. If you want to go, bring your money to the June 9th meeting
    7. July 10th is the Picnic Party
  4. The BMW Z5 will replace the Z4 in 2018. The convertible will be a ragtop again.
  5. BMW is making a BMW M Cruise Bike for a mere $1600. Only 1500 will be made.
  6. BMW is making an Olympic wheelchair to compete in the Paralympics this year.
  7. EPA has approved the BMW Diesel engine which is a big deal because that clears them to sell in the US. This is in response to the big VW fiasco. It’s a big deal because BMW is cleared to sell while many of their competitors are not.
  8. BMW Briefs
    1. BMWCCA Foundation is starting a Chapter Challenge to raise money by buying bricks to go into the new BMW museum in Spartanburg. Bricks will cost between $50-$200. German government is recalling 640,000 cars but BMW is the only automaker not on the recall list due to legal loopholes in the diesel engine software.
    2. BMW is making a 100th Anniversary edition 7-series. 760i. The car will have a V-12 with 591HP and will go 0-60 in 3.7 seconds.
    3. 7-Series wins’ award for best luxury car in NYC Car Show
  9. BMW Trivia
    Question: a. What other device did BMW build for the Olympics?
    Answer: Bobsled for the US bobsled team.
  10. Q&A?
    1. Fred Watson said he had his 3 series convertible leather restored by Color Glow. He highly recommends them.
  11. Dinner @ Napa-Sonoma, 7671 S Virginia St